The proud townsfolk of Zeebrugge often call their town 'the fish capital'.

  • They are entitled to do so because the fish market of Zeebrugge and its surrounding fishmongers have been an attraction for many years for visitors from all over the country.
  • Zeebrugge is most famous for its busy sea harbour but the fishmongers stayed where they were, which ensures that the previous pleasantly busy atmosphere is preserved.

Beach and promenade in Zeebrugge this summer

The general safety measures apply at all times.

  • What is absolutely worth knowing?
    In Zeebrugge there is no need to book your spot on the beach and you can sit anywhere with your bubble. Near the beach huts, the use of beach windbreaks is mandatory. A number of beach zones are strictly reserved for specific users. Both cyclists and go-carts are welcome on the promenade.
  • We’ll make sure that you’ll have a brilliant, carefree holiday!
    To encourage maximum compliance with the hygiene measures, extra sanitary facilities have been provided (on the promenade). In addition, the beach has been subdivided into zones and, per zone, beach coaches will be on duty to steer everything in the right direction and to answer any questions. The level of activity on both beach and promenade will also be monitored. Extra parking facilities will be available on/at the busiest days/times.

More info?

  • Check the Zeebrugge website
  • Coming soon - Check out the overview of all the beach and promenade plans here

Current level of activity in Zeebrugge

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Weather forecast

Weather for the next days
friday  10/06/2022
AM 14° 5 4 SW 30%
PM 15° 5 4 SW 1 hour 30%
Night 10° 4 3 SW SSW 20%
sunday  10/07/2022
AM 14° 3 S 3 hours 20%
PM 17° 4 S 2 hours 30%
Night 12° 4 S W 70%

Must sees


If you are both a landlubber and a water rat and want to know everything about the port of Zeebrugge, then the visit by bus and boat is just the thing for you! A guide fills you in on every little detail and tells you about the day-to-day functioning of the harbour.

More information

't Werftje

The oldest pub near the harbour, ‘t Werftje, is worth visiting for the décor alone. The wonderful slogans from long ago you can find there give the place a unique and cosy atmosphere.

More information


In this maritime theme park in the old fish auction house, you can discover the tough life of fishermen, the history of the port of Zeebrugge and life below the sea’s surface. Children can ramble to their heart’s content in Foxtrot, the Russian submarine, in the light ship West-Hinder, and the new pirate paradise.

More information

Fish dishes

Zeebrugge is called 'the fish capital', so don't forget to taste the treasures of the sea.

Wide beach

The beach of Zeebrugge is wide, long and calm. So you can certainly go out and relax on the beach or in the dunes.

Tourist Office in Zeebrugge

Office Zeebrugge

During off-season:
Infokantoor Markt (Historium)
Infokantoor 't Zand (Concertgebouw)
Infokantoor Stationsplein (Station)
+32 (0)50/44 46 46





How to get there?

By car: 
E40 (direction Oostende) – exit 8 (Brugge/Zeebrugge)

The Coast Pass

With the FREE Coast Pass you get good discounts at more than 40 attractions at the Coast amounting to a total of €300!

Due to the coronavirus opening hours and timetables of businesses may deviate. When in doubt, contact the business directly.