Zee van smaak kust

A Sea of Taste

Tasty Coast

Flemish grey shrimps, Belgian mussels and Ostend oysters are just a handful of the local specialties to be savoured during your stay at the coast. Be it North Sea fish prepared with a gastronomic flourish in a Michelin-star restaurant, of which there are several along the coast, or fresh seafood bought from a fish market, there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of the local produce. And that’s before we even mention the seafront cafes selling waffles and Belgian chips and mayonnaise, or the numerous bars and their local brews, or simply an ice-cream stall for a summer treat in a cone.

Going local: Many top restaurants are using local produce wherever possible, not only to celebrate regional specialties but also because of an increasing awareness of the carbon footprint that comes with flying in ingredients from around the world. Flanders is no exception, with well-known chefs in the region embracing the trend.