Sea of Flavours stories and reports

As a mecca for gourmets, the Belgian Coast precedes its reputation! The reports below will take you through the various aspects of that delectable Belgian Coast. A trip on a fishing boat, exploring maritime life, cooking up a storm with fresh fish from the seaside fishmonger …

Wonderful spots where you can savour the true flavours of the sea …

Verse vis bij de vishandel aan zee

A Vespa trip with friends! First stop is the fish auction hall in Oostende. Next on the agenda is a visit to Sincfala and the Zwin in Heist before ending the day with a wonderful dinner cooked by North Sea chef of the Kruidenmolen in Klemskerke. Share their delight!

Lekkere verse rog, een zee van smaak aan de Kust

After a visit to Navigo, the National Fisheries Museum in Oostduinkerke and an invigorating walk across ‘De Hoge Blekker’ (drifting dune) it’s time for some fresh fish. This time round, they’ve decided to go for skate, a somewhat forgotten but particularly fine fish… Joy!

Proeven van een Zee van Smaak in Oostende

A young family is enjoying a fascinating heritage walk à l'Ostendaise along Ostend’s fisheries’ past. A visit to the Amandine (trawler) and the North Sea Aquarium, but also to the Vistrap (fish market). Watching the fishing boats at sea is always a fascinating experience. They end the day with a true classic: an Ostend vispannetje (fish gratin).

Stand up peddle aan de Kust en daarna genieten van een zee van smaak

A group of girls on a trip to the Belgian Coast. First port of call: Surfclub Windekind where they try their hand at stand-up paddle boarding. Need for action out of their system, they go for something nice to eat. After lapping up the hairy stories of a real fisherman, they finally sit down to a wonderful brill.

Op pad aan de Kust met het veerbootje in Oostende

A day in Oostende with just the two of you … A little bit of culture with a visit to MuZee, followed by an enjoyable cycle ride. By ferry in the direction of Napoleon and Bredene. Ending the day at restaurant Markt XI with a plate of mouth-watering fish. The most amazing cod ever.

Wandelen in Blankenberge aan het staketsel

With daughter in tow, a family goes on a discovery tour of the sea. And what better place to start than at Sea Life Blankenberge! Time to fill rumbling tummies! A brill does the trick.

Mee varen met de garnaalvissersboot Crangon

A unique way to celebrate a friend’s bachelorette day: catching fresh shrimp on the North Sea. Sorting fish like seasoned fishermen and ending the day sampling the wonderful catch. Can you think of a more novel idea?

Een bordje zee van smaak bij Bistro Mathilda in Oostende

Fresh fish, sea air and a hob: the perfect combination for a gastronomic weekend away by the sea. A visit to Bistro Mathilda in Oostende is just the ticket!

de visserboot meert aan bij de Vismijn van Nieuwpoort

The Belgian coast is the ideal destination if you want to catch a breath of fresh air with the kids. Barefooted through the fountains in Nieuwpoort fountains and a mesmerising moment watching the fishing boats unload their catch at the fish auction hall. A bracing walk and go-cart ride later, the troops are starving. Time to sample some of the local delicacies like dogfish!

Garnaalvissers te paard in Oostduinkerke

A trip to the Belgian Coast with the girls is always good fun. And when in Oostduinkerke, one attraction not to be missed is watching the shrimp fishermen ride out on horseback. After all that fresh air, there were hungry stomachs to be filled. And what would you go for while at the coast? Fish of course! And thus the friends treated themselves to a delectable dish of freshly caught shrimp and cuttlefish.

wandelen en shoppen langs de promenade in Nieuwpoort met zicht op de jachthaven

Walking into your local fishmonger’s is all it takes to start dreaming of your next holiday by the sea. Wonderful plaice, fresher than fresh! Exploring the fish auction hall with the little one, watching the fishing boats dock early in the morning. On Friday, Fish Day, you can learn all about the fishing industry at the Nieuwpoort fish auction hall. While on holiday there is always time to shop, not only for clothes but also for great fish. Perfect for a special meal if you fancy treating yourself to the ‘Sea of Flavours’!

Een boottochtje maken op zee

As a child, I explored the length and breadth of the Belgian Coast. And before we headed home we always stopped at the old fish auction hall of Zeebrugge to buy the freshest of fish. More than enough to get you hooked on the Belgian Coast! On a trip to Zeebrugge lately, we checked out the interactive exhibition ’fish from boat to plate’ and went for an enjoyable cruise of the harbour before tucking into the most marvellous plaice, cooked by a real fisherman turned chef, at restaurant ‘t Pakhuis. Food, glorious food …


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