North Sea Chefs

Under the name 'NorthSeaChefs', Belgian and Dutch chefs are promoting a sustainable approach to the way we deal with fish. After all, the so-called bycatch contains delectable fish species that are still unknown and (wrongfully) unloved.

Bycatch are fish that are caught by ships by accident when other types of fish are being caught; a large portion of it is thrown back into the sea or turned into fishmeal because there is no market for those species. As demand for the popular fish species is greater, fishermen focus on them.

“We must learn to eat what fishermen catch. The fishing for fish we want to eat and the dumping of the rest has to stop.”

The NorthSeaChefs do everything in their power to make those lesser known and unloved fish species and bycatch more popular. They do so by producing creative recipes and data sheets to encourage other chefs, hobby chefs and consumers to use these respectfully caught fish species and bycatch in a sustainable manner.

Filip Claeys is NorthSeaChef

Filip Claeys is NorthSeaChef

“Since we launched NorthSeaChefs, the quantities of dogfish that end up back in the sea as bycatch have reduced by half. But every year, 40 ton is still being wasted. That shouldn’t happen.”

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