Middelkerke - Westende

Halfway along the coastline you will find Middelkerke, a family orientated resort with lots of leisure facilities.

  • On the long, broad promenade, the Casino, the cultural centre of the resort, immediately catches the eye.
  • The promenade leads to the borough of Westende, which is divided into Westende-bad (beach) and Westende-dorp (village). 
  • Once upon a time this was a prestigious resort, but a great deal of the beautiful 'Belle Epoque' houses from that time were lost in the two world wars.
  • Middelkerke is an excellent starting point for bicycle rides and walks through the polder countryside.

Beach and promenade in Middelkerke-Westende this summer

The general safety measures apply at all times.

  • What is absolutely worth knowing?
    In Middelkerke-Westende there is no need to book your spot on the beach and you can sit anywhere with your bubble. The use of beach windbreaks is not mandatory here. Cyclists and go-carts cannot access the busiest areas of the promenade, only push carts for tiny tots will be allowed through. For day trippers, extra parking space has been provided.
  • We’ll make sure that you’ll have a brilliant, carefree holiday!
    To encourage maximum compliance with the hygiene measures, extra sanitary facilities have been provided (on the promenade). In addition, beach coaches will be on duty to steer everything in the right direction and to answer any questions. Lastly, the level of activity on both beach and promenade will be monitored.

More info?

  • Check the Middelkerke-Westende website
  • Coming soon - Check out the overview of all the beach and promenade plans here

Current level of activity in Middelkerke-Westende

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Weather forecast

Weather for the next days
monday  11/04/2022
AM 2 3 ESE 1 hour
PM 3 E 4 hours
Night 3 E
wednesday  11/05/2022
PM 2 3 ENE 4 hours
Night -2° 2 E VAR
saturday  11/06/2022
Day -3° 3 SSW 1 hour 70%

Must sees

Villa Les Zéphyrs

Les Zéphyrs is a listed villa dating from between the two world wars where you can discover how a family would have spent the summer holidays on the Belgian coast in the 1930s. The building was restored and refurnished as part of the project Kunsthistories.

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I can hear it

Art work by Ivars Drulle, created for Beaufort. I Can Hear It he gives the viewer the chance to step outside the everyday pressures and to become one with the natural power of the sea.

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Walking on the sea wall, you can't miss it. Belgium's most pleasant Casino invites you for a visit. The Baccarat hall is the unique setting for numerous musical performances and other events.

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Comic book figures on the dike

Are you a fan of Kiekeboe, Jommeke or Lucky Luke? Comic book lovers will have the time of their lives in Middelkerke. The dike there has been turned into a hall of fame for cartoon characters. During the summer you can even visit the comic book festival.

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Play a game of golf near the sea in Middelkerke-Westende.

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Tourist office

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