Koksijde - Oostduinkerke

Its vast nature reserves and outstanding cultural life make Koksijde-Oostduinkerke a top attraction on the Flemish coast.

  • The image of the resort is undoubtedly that of the horseback shrimp fishermen. Oostduinkerke is the only resort in the world where you can still see this taking place.
  • Furthermore, Koksijde - Oostduinkerke has all the facilities that a keen sporting tourist could dream of, an exciting calendar of events, pleasant terraces and mouth-watering cuisine.

Beach and promenade in Koksijde-Oostduinkerke this summer

The general safety measures apply at all times.

  • What is absolutely worth knowing?
    In Koksijde-Oostduinkerke there is no need to book your spot on the beach and you can sit anywhere with your bubble. The use of beach windbreaks is not mandatory here. Cyclists are free to use the promenade and extra bicycle parking areas have been created. Also go-carts for children up to the age of 12 years are free to fly around on the promenade but will have to keep to the designated areas.
  • We’ll make sure that you’ll have a brilliant, carefree holiday!
    The beach has been subdivided into zones and, per zone, beach coaches will be on duty to steer everything in the right direction and to answer any questions. In addition, the level of activity on both beach and promenade will be monitored.

More info?

  • Check the Koksijde-Oostduinkerke website
  • Coming soon - Check out the overview of all the beach and promenade plans here

Current level of activity in Koksijde-Oostduinkerke

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Weather forecast

Weather for the next days
tuesday  10/05/2022
AM 12° 5 4 WSW SSW 1 hour 90%
PM 14° 4 5 SW 90%
Night 14° 5 6 SW WSW 40%
friday  10/06/2022
AM 15° 4 5 SW 40%
PM 16° 4 5 SW 1 hour 20%
Night 11° 4 3 SW SSW 10%
sunday  10/07/2022
Day 11° 17° 5 S 4 hours 10%

Must sees

Paul Delvauxmuseum

The Paul Delvaux Museum is located in the idyllic setting of a former fisherman’s home which was extended under the ground. No daylight penetrates into it and so it creates the right atmosphere for preserving and showing the eerie works of the artist. Delvaux’s work consists of motives like nude women, train stations and temples by night or speaking skeletons.

More information

Horseback shrimp fishing

In Oostduinkerke, visitors can get a taste of a fisherman’s life from the past. Folklore is kept alive as this is the only place in Europe where the trade of horseback shrimp fishing is still practised. You can watch the fishermen at work during low tide, attend any of the cooking demonstrations that are regularly held along the beach, or buy freshly caught shrimp.

More information

Hoge Blekker

This 33 ha dune is the eye-catcher of our coastline and it’s where it got its name, meaning high twinkler. It is our coastline’s highest dune and used to be a fixed beacon for sailors who could see its white head twinkle (‘blekken’ in local Dutch dialect). The Hoge Blekker is a sturdy sand dune that has covered quite some distance over the years.

More information

Navigo - The National Fishery Museum

The museum wishes to keep the rich fishing past of our Flemish coast alive by its elaborate museum collection presented in lifelike decors, works of art, illustrations and interactive features. Thirsty after your visit? Have a drink at ’Estaminet De Peerdevisscher’. A classic.

More information

Ter Yde

The dunes of ‘Ter Yde’ are a wonderful place to completely unwind and leave the hustle and bustle of life behind. You can take long relaxing walks amid the 260 hectares of dunes, dune grassland and forest. With a little luck you might even come across a herd of wild horses!

More information

Abbey museum Ten Duinen

Everything about the ‘Koksijdse Duinheren’.

More information

Electric boats Koksijde01 and Koksijde02

For a fascinating pleasure boat trip on the Nieuwpoort-Dunkirk canal! Electric boats, no navigation licence required: comfortable, safe and no noise. Starting point 'Wielrijdersrust Het Dorstige Hart', Wulpen.

More information


The 'House in the Dunes' is situated in the middle of the Schipgatduinen with a fantastic view at the sea. The 'House in the Dunes' became a meeting point for all different activities such as organising educative workshops and offering special packages for children (sea classes).


Come and play a nice game of golf near the sea in Koksijde.

More information

Tourist Office Koksijde-Oostduinkerke


The website of Tourism Koksijde-Oostduinkerke


How to get there?

By train and tram: 

  • Train : direct connection from Brussels - Ghent- Koksijde (terminus De Panne) 
  • Tram : De Panne – Sint-Idesbald – Koksijde – Oostduinkerke – Oostende – Knokke

By car:

  • E40 from direction Bruges/Ostend:
    • Exit2 (Oostduinkerke)
    • Exit1a (Koksijde)
  • From direction Kortrijk :
    • A19 direction Ypres, then N8 Ypres, Veurne, Koksijde

The Coast Pass

With the FREE Coast Pass you get good discounts at more than 40 attractions at the Coast amounting to a total of €300!

Due to the coronavirus opening hours and timetables of businesses may deviate. When in doubt, contact the business directly.