A top destination on the Belgian coast: it has a lovely beach, divided into 5 different beaches, a beautiful nature reserve, plenty of shopping facilities, a wide range of cultural activities, a number of architectural gems and an excellent sports infrastructure. Knokke-Heist, by the merging of separate communities shows several different faces.

  • Knokke-Heist is a seaside resort with a great cultural charisma.
  • There is not only the casino, but also the Scharpoord cultural centre, which together offer a lively cultural calendar
  • Besides this, Knokke-Heist has around fifty art galleries, some of which are of international status.
  • Then there is the Lippenslaan, the well-known, long and renovated shopping street.
  • The further you walk from here in the direction of the Zoute, the more the 'look at me' factor arises. Trendy cars, more expensive handbags, more fashionable shops, sophisticated ladies and golfing carts all over the place, create the image of the street.
  • The Zoute is the most sophisticated resort on the coast, with stately avenues as well as winding lanes in the quiet neighbourhoods, eye-catching villas, a golf course and, of course … the Zwin.

Beach and promenade in Knokke-Heist this summer

The general safety measures apply at all times.

  • What is absolutely worth knowing?
    In Knokke-Heist there is no need to book your spot on the beach. Bubbles can opt for a cabrio area (3 x 3 m u-shape demarcated area) (accommodating up to 8 people) or another spot on the beach. Cabrio areas do not have to be booked in advance but are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The use of beach windbreaks is very much recommended. Go-carts can fly around on the promenade, cyclists must use the road along the promenade.
  • We’ll make sure that you’ll have a brilliant, carefree holiday!
    The beach has been subdivided into zones and, per zone, beach coaches are on duty to steer everything in the right direction and to answer any questions. In addition, the level of activity on both beach and promenade will be monitored.

More info?

  • Check the Knokke-Heist website
  • Coming soon - Check out the overview of all the beach and promenade plans here

Current level of activity in Knokke-Heist

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Weather forecast

Weather for the next days
friday  10/09/2021
AM 17° 6 7 S 90%
PM 20° 6 7 SW 3 hours 90%
Night 14° 4 3 SW 20%
sunday  10/10/2021
AM 15° 4 SW 3 hours 20%
PM 15° 3 SW 2 hours 20%
Night 11° 2 3 SE SW 40%
wednesday  10/11/2021
Day 11° 16° 3 SW 2 hours 40%
friday  10/12/2021
Day 11° 16° 3 SSW 1 hour 10%

Must sees

The Zwin

The domain is divided between the communities of Bruges, Damme, Knokke-Heist, Sluis, Aardenburg and Oostburg. It is one of the most important mud-flat and tidal-marsh areas of the coast and is flooded on a daily basis by the sea. This exchange makes Het Zwin Provincial Nature Reserve a unique habitat with rich vegetation and vast numbers of birds coming to forage or spend the winter.

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Knokke-Heist is ‘the place to be’ for an afternoon of shopping.

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Lakeside Paradise

Lakeside Paradise is an idyllic watersport-club where you can go wakeboarding & Watersk, stand Up Paddleboarding - Windsurfing - Kayak ...

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Flaneren langs de dijk

Elegant and graceful strawling along the dike. People from Knokke-Heist consider it a national sport.

For Freedom Museum

The For Freedom Museum is a war museum located in the old community school of the picturesque polder village of Ramskapelle (part of Knokke-Heist). Sometimes you really see yourself in a plane, then in a U-boat, and suddenly you find yourself in a barn with a historic fact you can marvel about.



Go play a game of golf in Knokke-Heist.

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Galleries and statues

The mondain Knokke-Heist impresses with more than 60 art-galleries, lots of statues from antiques to contemporary art.




Sincfala has an extended collection of museum pieces on the theme of the Zwin area itself, and regional customs worthy of a museum. During the 1960s, most attention was given to agricultural objects and old household utensils. Since 1971, Sincfala has been located in an old fishermen’s area of Heist and its fishing collection has grown steadily. From the 1990s onwards, even more material from the Zwin area has been added to its collection.

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Tourist Offices in Knokke-Heist

The office in Knokke
The office in Heist

Website of Tourism Knokke-Heist


How to get there?

The E34 provides a direct connection between Antwerp and Knokke-Heist. The city of Bruges is less than 20 km away, and to the north, Knokke-Heist borders on Zeeland Flanders in the Netherlands.

There is also a train station in Knokke-Heist

The Coast Pass

With the FREE Coast Pass you get good discounts at more than 40 attractions at the Coast amounting to a total of €300!

Due to the corona crisis, opening hours and timetables may vary. If in doubt, it is best to contact the entrepreneur himself.
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