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Meet Kim Van Oncen aka mama van Jack aka presentatrice aka actrice aka blogster... Bovendien kruipt veel van haar kostbare tijd in het runnen van haar eigen AD Delhaize samen met haar broer. We kunnen haar dus zonder blikken of blozen een girlboss noemen. Ze blogt over dagdagelijkse dingen en laat haar volgers vooral op Instagram meekijken over hoe ze dit drukke bestaan combineert met haar gezin, want hun zoontje Jack is en blijft haar absolute prioriteit. Zo gluur je soms mee tijdens trips, een werkdag, de eerste skiles van Jack of een etentje met haar man. Ze is eerder toevallig beginnen bloggen.

De passie om mooie foto's te maken is uitgegroeid van een hobby naar een parttime beroep voor ze er erg in had. Ze waakt er graag over dat alles eerlijk gebeurt online en staat voor authenticiteit.

From Knokke with love

As we were due a weekend way, we decided to head for Knokke with its many fabulous and picturesque little streets, stylish boutiques, stunning nature and hip eateries (which is how Knokke came by the name 'Petit Paris’, by the way). Stretching along the wide beach, this Belgian seaside resort is the perfect spot for an invigorating rush of fresh air in the Saint-Tropez of the Belgian Coast (as you can see ... Knokke is not short of epithets). Though Niels and I used to be regulars in this town, this was Jack’s first visit to our little piece of paradise on the Belgian Coast. A golden opportunity to check how child-proof this seaside resort is! 

We stayed at Hotel Lugano ****. This hotel is ideally located near the shopping streets, the beach, the restaurants... As you can see from the photographs of our breakfast and room, this stunning hotel, which also welcomes pets and children with open arms, is run to the highest standards. The base camp par excellence! 

Verblijven in hotel Lugano in Knokke-Heist met Blogger Kim van Oncen
Lekker eten bij restaurant Tijdok in Zeebrugge met kustblogger Kim Van Oncen

We lunched in Zeebrugge, a fifteen minutes’ drive away, in Restaurant Tijdok. On arrival, we received a warm and genuinely friendly welcome in this restaurant famed for its fresh fish and view of the fishing port. With an energetic child in tow, the kids’ corner, chock-a-block with toys, made this restaurant an inspired choice. 

Jack op de gocart met Blogger Kim Van Oncen in Knokke-Heist

After lunch, we drove back to Knokke, to give Jack a taste of what the city has in store. Never having seen a go-cart before, Jack was delirious with joy, demanding that we’d buy one to take home with us there and then. After we had explained to him that go-carts are for hire only and that he’d get a go in a mini Jeep the next day he was happy out and ready for a walk through Knokke with mum and dad. Aside from a short pit stop at Boutique Barcelona on the promenade (an absolute must ladies!) he wasn’t bored for a second. Pit stop done and dusted, we travelled by go-cart to Zushi on Lippenslaan for some takeaway sushi which the three of us shared on the beach. Dinners this working week are sure to pale in comparison with this cosy and delicious meal! Then it was time for bed because the sea air had made Jack a sleepy boy.

Come 7 am on Sunday though, Jack was raring to strike Knokke again! After the promised ride in the Jeep, we headed for Kids Beach. Driving electric cars and jumping around in the dozens of bouncing castle is perfect for a three-year-old little boy and even more perfect for mum and dad who get to chill out over a drink, safe in the knowledge that there is no fear of their brood escaping since Kids Beach is completely fenced in. Next, we went for a drink in Het Lichttorenstrand, one of the heavenly beach bars Knokke is known for. With a terrace and a playground, we could once again enjoy a happy child and each other’s company in the sunshine. 

Plezier op King Beach in Knokke-Heist met blogger Kim Van Oncen.jpg
Blogster Kim Van Oncen op ontdekking in Zeebrugge en Knokke-Heist

As Monday was a schoolday, the time had come all too quickly to return home again. But there is so much more to do and visit on the Belgian Coast like the Zwin Nature Reserve, the Beach Castle by Jean-François Fourtou, the Port of Zeebrugge, Knokke Boat Seal Discovery and the Duinenwater sports complex and beach club (all on our to-do list, but, sadly, our weekend was too short to get around to it all). Next time around, we’ll be hitting the shops on Kustlaan without child in tow (an impossibility with Jack) or with friends, roof-top bar 3SIXTY and treat ourselves to a delicious meal at the cosy restaurant 't Werftje in Zeebrugge. Knokke will get to see a whole lot more of us and if it had been up to Jack, we would have headed right back on this dull Monday morning :-) !

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