Water sports at the seaside

Kiten op zee

Active at sea

Real beach boys and beach girls live on the water! Taste the sea on your lips and experience the power of wind and water. A super-duper experience guaranteed! Even if you wouldn’t describe yourself as the sporty or adventurous type, there is always a water sport that will suit you to a T. If you’re not too bothered about getting wet, check out rafting or kayaking, supping or stand-up paddle boarding, surfing or kiting. Not overly keen on getting soaked? How about an induction course sailing, wavekarting…?

Still not sure? Then call into one of the beach or yacht clubs dotted across the Belgian Coast. They will only be too delighted to assist you in your quest and help you make a choice!

Zeilen op zee
Sailing at sea

Bart Kaël sang at the top of his voice 'if you’re sailing for the first time, you’re bound to blunder'. Utter nonsense, if you don’t mind us saying so. Also people who never set foot on a sailing boat before can sign up for (a) sailing lesson(s). A wonderful experience!

What's sailing?
It's about taking to sea in a boat and working with the sails to power the boat.

For the uninitiated
You are given a thorough explanation and get to familiarise yourself with everything associated with sailing and the sailing boat. You’ll come away knowing all the terminology like change tack, bear away, port side… Once you have received the necessary information and instructions you get to take the boat out to sea. You actively get to sail the boat yourself, under supervision.

Where to try your hand at sailing?
Budding sea sailors are catered for at various locations on the Belgian Coast:

TIP: not quite ready to take to the sea just yet? Take up sailing at the Spuikom or at Lakeside Paradise instead!

een initiatie surfen op zee

Always wanted to give surfing or big wave surfing a go? Make an appointment with one of the beach clubs at the Belgian Coast. All the clubs organise surfing lessons.

What's surfing?

Surfing is ‘riding’ on the waves and the surf. The idea is to make your way back to the beach by riding the waves and surfing the swell on your board. Do bear in mind however that mastering the spectacular rides will probably take (years of) experience. That having been said, you should be able to manage your first ‘ride’ on the water after one lesson.

Where can you learn this?

You can learn how to surf at every beach club on the Belgian Coast.

Suppen op zee
Stand up-Paddle boarding

Also known as supping or paddle surfing. The favourite sport of Hollywood stars… and little wonder! This sport is guaranteed to give you the body you’ve always dreamt of without too much sweat and tears but with heaps of fun instead.

What's paddle boarding?
Well, you need a board and a paddle… and, obviously, the sea. You paddle or row, standing up on your board.

How does it work?
Find your balance and straighten yourself on your board. The paddle will help you to navigate. It sounds harder than it is because this is one sport you’ll master pretty quickly. For an induction course, call into one of the beach clubs, they’ll have you paddle-boarding in no time at all.

Where can you learn stand-up paddle boarding?

The SUP rage has spread all along the coastline. Any one of the following clubs will facilitate you:

Kitesurfen op zee

The best of both worlds… you start firmly on the ground or in the water and every now again you get lifted into the air. Pure adrenaline!

What's kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing involves using a power kite to pull yourself through the water on a kiteboard… Once you’ve mastered the art of beach kiting you can venture out onto the water. The kite gives you the power you need to try out the more daring moves from your surfboard.

Kitesurfing is a variant of windsurfing (see below).

How does it work?

Standing on a small surfboard, you get the kite to pull you along. Because of the kite’s lift effect kitesurfers can jump high and far.

Where can you learn to kitesurf?



Windsurfen op zee

Windsurfing, aka board sailing, is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. With the right wind you’re in for a total experience!

What's windsurfing?

This water sport requires a board and rig, consisting of a mast, boom and sail, connected to the board by a free-rotating universal joint. Beginner boards usually also come with a daggerboard to prevent you drifting.

What's the best place to start?

Windsurfing isn’t quite as taxing anymore as it used to be. Hope for beginners in other words! You can windsurf at sea but people usually start on non-tidal waters like the Nieuwpoort reservoir for instance.

Where can you learn windsurfing?

There are various clubs to choose from:

Catamaran varen op zee
Catamaran sailing

Catamarans are the ultimate in sailing boats. Even complete novices get to give a helping hand. Or to hang off the boat if you were that way inclined!

What's catamaran sailing?
You get to sail on a boat that is balanced on two hulls, with the sails in the middle.

How does it work?
The two floating hulls are mounted parallel to one another above the waterline. This gives catamarans tremendous initial stability, yet low resistance, allowing them to travel at higher speeds than ordinary vessels.

Where can you learn catamaran sailing?
There are various clubs to choose from:

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