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Sweet coastal classics

With ice-cream parlours and waffle bars at every corner, those with a sweet tooth will be in their element on the Belgian Coast. Choose your favourite sweet and enjoy!

There are a number of classics of course, those that really make a day at the seaside. Whether you’re looking for a summery refreshment or a wintry warmer, sweets like these always taste far better at the seaside!

ijsje likken met oma

Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!

Yes, ice cream forms part and parcel of a visit to the Belgian Coast. Indulge in a cone or a sundae and savour the cold sweetness on your tongue. As always, there are a number of places that serve truly outstanding ice cream. Feeling magazine took to the road to do the groundwork on your behalf.

Wafels met suiker en slagroom


With sugar or cream? Delicious waffles are always a winner! And 'Belgian waffles' really do taste best at the Belgian Coast. Culinary Journalist Alexander Lobrano from The Wall Street Journal took it upon himself to check out the waffles on the Belgian Coast. According to Lobrano, waffles are as quintessentially Belgian as our beer and chips.

Lobrano shortlisted the places that serve the very best waffles.

check out lobrano's top places

Berlijnse Bollen op het strand
Boules de Berlin

A piece of coastal heritage: Boules de Berlin or Boules de L'Yser (doughnuts) on the beach. In days gone by, gents in starched white jackets used to sell their Boules de Berlin on the beach. Sadly, that tradition has waned.

Though you’ll still find these doughnuts everywhere, you’ll need to go to Blankenberge to get your fix from the vendors on the beach.

Lekkere babelutten aan de Kust

Babelutten (Veurne candy)

This wonderful candy is a true classic. The legendary candy was invented by Rosalie who used to make the butterscotch with a recipe she learned at her mother’s knee. Like a true entrepreneur, she would wrap the candy in pretty paper and sell it to wealthy English and French children holidaying on the Belgian Coast. The candy became really popular and got the name ‘Babbelutte’ (the French for chatterbox). Rosalie got the nickname Mère Babelutte or Mother Babelutte.

So, now you know! Also the intrepid seafarers fell in love with these buttery sweets. They brought them on their voyages because the sweets gave them energy.

These days, quite a few shops on the Belgian Coast sell Babelutten.

perfecte pannenkoeken

Perfect pancakes

Pancakes! A magic word that delights young and old. You can find this typical Flemish cake all along the Belgian Coast. One really special place in this particular category is 't Fietskotje in Bredene.

Here they literally make pancakes by the running metre and you can order the speciality by the metre or by the half metre. Though they serve 60 different kinds of pancakes, the classic with brown sugar remains an all-time favourite.

Due to the corona crisis, opening hours and timetables may vary. If in doubt, it is best to contact the entrepreneur himself.
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