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Sweet and savoury classics by the sea

Savoury or sweet… both tend to taste that bit better at the Belgian Coast. Both come in a range of dishes and varieties that are so typical of the seaside that you simply have to indulge in them while you’re at the Belgian Coast.

Garnaalkroketjes eten aan de Kust

Savoury classics at the seaside

The delicacies from the North Sea … Pure products, prepared with passion and respect for the product and its flavour. At the Belgian Coast there are a number of classics everyone has to try at least once. From shrimp croquettes to sole … each one a classic with a capital C.

discover 5 savoury coastal classics

ijsje likken met oma

Sweet classics at the seaside

The seaside brings out the sweet tooth in people. There are numerous places to bring a smile to people’s faces, for an ice cream, a waffle… bring back happy seaside memories. Turn your visit to the coast into a memorable one with a sweet coastal classic.

5 sweet coastal classics to try out

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