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The most delicious strawberries at the seaside

Aren’t they delish, those juicy, red strawberries? Add a little sunshine and you instantly fancy yourself on holiday. And, trust us, there are lots of places to eat them at the Belgian seaside: from passionate men and women who grow them, pick them fresh and sell them, to lots of places that make scrumptious treats with them.

Check out these places for every decided strawberry fanatic. Though above all, bon appétit!

Hof ter Meulen

This wonderful holiday farm offers beautifully firm and shiny red strawberries, passionately grown by its owners. The best period to go is of course during the season, from May to July.
Extra tip! Did you know you can stay overnight at the farm too?


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Hoeve Verammen

This farm is very well known in and around Nieuwpoort for their scrumptious strawberries from May to September. Grown in the fertile Westhoek soil and picked the same day, their strawberries taste of ... well, real strawberries.


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Noord Gasthuis

This farm in De Panne is another place that grows the wonderfully sweet fruit with passion and in all its taste varieties. So they’re strawberries with a big S... And the farm shop has delicious strawberry jam to boot!


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Perfect waffles topped with delicious strawberries at Silversand

This tea room in Blankenberge is famous for its ‘super waffles’, not only in terms of their size (they’re 3 times bigger than your average Belgian waffle), but also because they’re super delish, especially the ones topped with strawberries, which is why they are considered to be worthy of 3 stars.


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Strawberry cake in De Haan-Wenduine

Obviously strawberries are great on their own or with cream, but they’re even more wonderful on cake. Well, there are 2 great places in De Haan-Wenduine for every strawberry enthusiast or anyone with a sweet tooth:

  • Avalanche - Kerkstraat 18, Wenduine - More info
  • Coqisserie - Koninklijke Baan 29, De Haan - More info

Strawberry cocktails... It’s always cocktail o’ clock!

The Belgian Coast has lots of great places to drink cocktails. That we know already, but what about ones with strawberries now it’s the season?


Definitely check out these places picked by magazine Weekend Knack.

Due to the coronavirus opening hours and timetables of businesses may deviate. When in doubt, contact the business directly.