Jens De Maere from Belgian Wino tells:

A weekend of fresh air? Welcome to Oostende!

After weeks of deadlines, preparing meetings and giving it your all at work do you too happen to be in need of break that can make your stress disappear like snow in summer? Well, the Tasting Club has a solution that will suit you to the ground: a weekend in Oostende.

Out of Office

Our editorial office set up an ‘out of office’ to - especially for you of course - fully immerse itself, pun intended, in everything the stunning seaside resort has to offer.

As none of us need more chaos in our lives, we took the trouble to present you with a nice, and more importantly, practical overview. Ideal for you if you want to plan your own weekend away and most entertaining for the Tasting Club watching you turn green with envy, because we unashamedly indulged in everything that came our way.


Saturday: when you’re happy and a foodie clap your hands

After a short road trip - thank goodness for that last minute decision to only give the driver on duty a say in the music - we first checked in at Hotel Cocoon. That this four-star hotel was even better than we initially thought is an understatement with a capital U. With a style that bears a close resemblance to ‘Hampton Beach’, you just know you’re on a winner. And as we walked into our room we knew there and then that we’d get a great night’s sleep.

Now, we wouldn’t be born foodies if we didn’t visit a food festival, call it combining business with pleasure if you like. Soon, we found ourselves at À l’Ostendaise, where 24 Ostend chefs were showcasing the delicacies our North Sea has to offer; the breathtaking view - the most stunning sunset ever! - comes as part of the package. If the very thought of it is making your mouth water, you’ll unfortunately have to bide your time until June 2020.

Sunday: I wanna go surfing

Feasted on breakfast? Check. High time to honour the beach with our presence! With sunrays that give you that instant holiday feeling and nothing but happy faces - and, of course, a number of socks ‘n sandals wearers, but what the heck, they’re on holidays too - the moment we had been looking forward to all weekend had come: surfing.

Ever experienced that powerful urge to impulsively make the sea unsafe with a surfboard? If so, call into Beach Club Twins for a professional surfing lesson. Those of you raising an eyebrow in the belief that surfing at the Belgian Coast is about as pointless as applying sun factor 10, think again! Thanks to the extremely pleasant surf instructors, the coolness is hidden in the name, you’ll be riding the waves in no time at all.

Belgian Wino


In a nutshell: sun, sea, beach. Everything you could wish for. And to put it in our own words: a weekend break in Oostende has everything you need to become completely zen again. From delectable restaurants, great bars, a stunning beach and luxury hotels to the most challenging water sports. We’ll definitely be back! If only because I can feel myself go weak at the knees at the thought of those fresh shrimp croquettes ...

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