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The Flemish Fishing Industry

Vissers aan het werk op de vissersboot

Life at sea, on a fishing boat … serious toil, but a job that is done with passion and admiration for Mother Nature and what she produces. Fishermen setting out on a mission to bring their catch back to land and sell it. Chefs who source their fish directly from the fishermen to ensure that they get the freshest and purest. Nowhere is the chain between catch and kitchen as short as on at the Belgian Coast.

Why not check out life on a fishing boat for a change? You can join the crew of the Crangon for instance or board one of the boats for a spot of sea-angling. Read on to find out more.

Een zee van smaak met verse vis aan de Vistrap in Oostende

Why buy fish caught by the Flemish fishing boats?

As consumer you want to know where the food you eat comes from. And that also applies to fish. By buying fish that has been caught by our own fishermen, you can be sure that you get to eat a pure product that was sustainably caught. The daily supply of fresh fish means that you end up with a product that is always fresh. And there’s no need to stick to the old reliables all the time.

Also fish from the so-called bycatch is utterly delicious and easy to prepare. Ask your (local) fishmonger for advice and discover what fish he would recommend on the day.

In doing so, you’ll do your bit for sustainability because nowhere else is the chain of fresh fish to plate as short. A fair price for a pure and tasty product!

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Michiel Rabaey
North Sea Chefs

The North Sea Chefs are a group of chefs who cook what fishermen catch. They also work with the so-called bycatch that often contains the lesser known and (wrongfully) unloved fish.

They serve species like dogfish, tub gurnard, pollock, pout…

“We must learn to eat what fishermen catch. The fishing for fish we want to eat and the dumping of the rest has to stop.”

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