Discover the new Zwin Nature Parc

The new Zwin becomes top attraction at the Belgian Coast

Since 2013, there has been a lot going on in the Zwin nature park, but everything should be finished by the summer so the area can open to the public again.

What can visitors expect?

  • Well, an all new and sustainable visitor centre with a permanent exhibition and educational centre aimed at discovering bird migration and the nature of the Zwin plain in a relaxed and informative way.
  • And of course a cafeteria with wonderful views of the park.
  • There will also be an observation centre, built into the dyke between the nature park and the plain itself, where visitors can admire the animals and plants in comfort without disturbing them.
  • The park itself will also be tackled, with habitats for animals, lots of space for water, nature experience elements, lovely paths for walking, observation huts... in other words the Zwin will be a must for any nature lover.

Everything will be revealed from this summer and undoubtedly the Zwin will become one of the great top tips for enjoying the outdoors at the Coast!

About the Zwin

The Zwin is one of the Belgian Coast’s true natural gems. The area of about 158 ha is dotted with lakes, mudflats, wetland and meadows and lives at the rhythm of the tides. Being flooded at high and becoming dry land at low tide means the area is teeming with life, so there is a great variety of animals and plants to discover that are well-nigh non-existent elsewhere at the Belgian Coast. Apart from this, the area has also been dubbed the ‘International Bird Airport’, no doubt because of the dozens of birds that come here on their annual trek south, to nest or to spend the winter. Prepare yourself to see some cormorants, storks, curlews, oystercatchers, seagulls and herons, kestrels, and scores of different ducks and geese... Let’s say you won’t believe your eyes.

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