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Delicious places for fish

Flemish women’s magazine Feeling recently selected their top 6 fish restaurants at the Belgian Coast. It goes without saying that the coast is always the perfect place to enjoy delicious fresh fish. And Feeling knew that too, of course.

So they checked out lots of different places and came up with a list of their 6 personal favourites.

De Kruidenmolen in Klemskerke (De Haan)

Chefs don’t only spend their lives behind their stove, they love to go and eat fish cooked by fellow chefs as well. Gert De Mangeleer, Sergio Herman and Geert Van Hecke, for example, love to visit restaurant De Kruidenmolen in Klemskerke by De Haan, whose interior was designed by Lieven Musschoot.


8Chef in Koksijde - Oostduinkerke

Tapas are always a hit. But 8Chef doesn’t do your traditional Spanish spread, as they serve small and downright delicious Belgian fish dishes. Indulgence is child’s play in this trendy lounge restaurant where your menu consists of 3 refined amuse-bouches and another 2 small dishes ... at least. A very extensive wine list only makes the delight complete.


Oh-Restaurant in Koksijde - Oostduinkerke (Sint-Idesbald)

The real eye-catcher in this establishment must be the restaurant’s pond right at the centre, because water is the central theme to its interior and concept, including its name, as ‘oh’ refers to the word ‘eau’ which means water in French. Though the unique interior design isn’t the only thing that attracts guests here: the innovative and surprising dishes are pleasing to the eye and wonderful to eat as well. And as the restaurant’s owner is a qualified sommelier, the wine list is equally impressive.


De Westhinder in De Haan - Wenduine

This hidden gem in the dunes at the beach is located right at the end of the walking path between Wenduine and De Haan. The restaurant offers a unique decor where guests can enjoy straightforward and delicious fish dishes served without fuss.

Adres: Chalet Westhinder, Westdijk, 8420 De Haan - Wenduine

De Oesterput in Blankenberge

What once started as a modest fish and shellfish wholesaling business has now turned into a place that attracts foodies from far and wide. So get those feet under the table and indulge in a plate of deliciously fresh fish!


Sel Gris in Knokke-Heist (Duinbergen)

This gem even has a Michelin star! Having learned his trade in fellow Michelin-star restaurants De Karmeliet and De Pastorale, resident chef Frederik Deceuninck nowadays serves top quality dishes in his very own seafront restaurant in Duinbergen where his guests can enjoy artistic and contemporary fish creations.


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