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Child-friendly places to eat

Finding a nice place for a bite with (little) children isn’t always easy.But there are lots of places at the Belgian seaside that will cater for you! Check out our list of child-friendly places below.

De Panne   Koksijde-Oostduinkerke   Nieuwpoort   Middelkerke-Westende   Oostende

Bredene   De Haan-Wenduine   Blankenberge   Zeebrugge   Knokke-Heist



De Panne

  • De Drie Vijvers
    Smekaertstraat 37, 8660 Adinkerke
    058 41 30 36 -
    This place will give you a nice meal after a tiring day’s sports and recreation.With terrace, playground, horse-riding facilities and children’s menu.
  • 't Groot Moerhof
    Molendam 2, 8660 Adinkerke – Ghyvelde
    0477 52 59 72 -
    This fun child-friendly tearoom/restaurant is situated amidst the wonderful landscapes of the Moeren region along the French-Belgian border. With playground, terrace and children’s menu.
  • Hoeve Paepehof - Kinderboerderij Eetkafee
    Veldstraat z/n (thv voetbalterrein)
    8660 Adinkerke
    0477 41 56 56 -
    This place offers everything from quiches and delicious sandwiches on traditional bread to Angus Beef Burger by craft butcher Dierendonck. 
  • Moeder Lambik
    De Pannelaan 185, 8660 Adinkerke
    058 41 48 33 -
    Here you can eat all kinds of traditional charcoal grill dishes in a relaxed setting. With playground and children’s menu.
  • Kommilfoo
    Veurnestraat 83, 8660 De Panne
    058 41 28 58 -
    This eatery provides light lunches as well as big dinners with all the trimmings, always made on the day. And for the little ones, there’s a bouncy castle, children’s and play area.
  • Bowl Inn – Bowling Group
    De Pannelaan 80, 8660 Adinkerke
    058 41 39 48 -
    Guests to this bowling alley can play a game, obviously, but also enjoy great snacks and the stone grill. The eatery also offers children’s parties, video games and a children’s menu.

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  • Siska
    Tennislaan 48, 8670 Sint-Idesbald
    058 51 19 77 -
    Everyone knows the legendary heart-shaped waffles of this tearoom are delicious, but so are its grill dishes. With playground, terrace and children’s menu. 
  • ’ T Zoet Genot
    Zeedijk 476, 8670 Oostduinkerke
    058 52 07 47 (tea-room)
    You just can’t leave Oostduinkerke without having some ice cream from ‘t Zoet Genot on the promenade.We went there and went for their ‘Kiba’ or sour cherry and banana, which turned out to be a delicious combo! You can either sit yourself down on their big terrace and watch the people go by from behind your sun glasses or queue up inside for one of their delicious waffles, pancakes or a piece of their frangipane cake.
  • Restaurant Wielrijdersrust 'Het dorstige Hart'
    Dijk 33, 8670 Wulpen
    058 51 60 70 -
  • Restaurant Spelleplekke
    IJslandplein 10, 8670 Oostduinkerke
    058 62 36 16 -

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    • Cafetaria van de kinderboerderij
      Elf Juliwijk, 8620 Nieuwpoort
      058 23 69 86
      The children are bound to be starving after their visit to the petting zoo. With children’s menu.
    • Floréal Club
      Albert-I laan 74,8620 Nieuwpoort
      058 22 46 00This brasserie with outdoor playground also has a great paddling pool with a slide, whirlpool, water fall and a clown that sprays water.

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    • La Fonda
      Paul de Smet de Naeyerstraat 32, 8430 Middelkerke
      059 30 82 10
      This brand new and child-friendly eatery with its special terrace instantly transports you to Spain. Everything on the menu is available in small children’s portions, lovingly decorated by the chef with funny toothpick kebabs.With play area including books and toys on the terrace at the back.
    • Schoorbakkehoeve
      Schorestraat 61, 8433 Schore
      051 55 50 92 -
      This place lets you savour fresh dishes and home-grown meat, cooked by chef Dirk Bossuwe.The restaurant/hotel offers a children’s menu and child-friendly accommodation with everything to make a stay here memorable: a large garden, terrace and playground with trampoline and slides and even a games room with table tennis, table football and a children’s play area for if it’s raining.The little ones can also cruise around the garden for free in one of the pedal go-carts or pedal cars.In short, parents, grandparents and families are completely at home here!
    • Klein Wilskerke
      Spermaliestraat 119, 8430 Middelkerke
      059 31 20 28
      Drop in to enjoy one of the fresh local treats amidst the cosy atmosphere. With terrace, garden, playground and children’s menu.There’s even a bouncy castle in the garden from 1 May!
    • Papillon
      Leopoldlaan 53, 8430 Middelkerke
      059 31 07 85 -
      Papillon is a real family restaurant where the adults can relax, wining and dining in style, while the little ones will also have a delicious and fun time, thanks to the play area and children’s menu.

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    • De Koekoek
      Langestraat 38-40, 8400 Oostende
      059 70 89 70
      The smell of roast chicken wafting around your nostrils. That’s what this place is all about!Don’t forget your knife and fork...
    • Walrave
      Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 636, 8400 Oostende
      059 30 62 44
      Come and savour deliciously fresh fish and meat dishes at this place where big eaters and children are welcomed with open arms. With playground, terrace and children’s menu.
    • ’t Koninginnehof
      Maria Hendrikapark, 8400 Oostende
      059 80 04 54 -
      Let the children have fun while you relax amidst Ostend’s greenery on the island in the Maria Hendrika park. Minigolf, pedalos, rowing boats, strollers, a traffic park with gocarts and children’s menu are all provided.
    • De Foyer
      Albert I Promenade 62B, 8400 Oostende
      059 51 61 22 -
      This place with children’s menu and terrace lets you enjoy wonderful treats and refreshing drinks in their dream interior or on their seaside terrace. With children’s menu.
    • Groeneveld
      Torhoutsesteenweg 655, 8400 Oostende
      059 80 86 51 -
      This eatery offers refined dishes with tongue-in-cheek references to local produce. With playground, children’s menu and terrace.

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    • 't Fietskotje
      Zandstraat 69, 8450 Bredene
      059 32 30 07 -
      If you just want a quick bite at a small price, this eatery with children’s menu is definitely the place to be!

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    De Haan-Wenduine

    • La Potinière
      Leopoldlaan 13, 8420 De Haan
      059 43 46 93 - 
      Enjoy a tasty ice cream sundae or delicious snack on the sunny terrace of this cafe in the Concessie quarter of De Haan, complete with playground, tennis, minigolf and pétanque area. 
    • In den witten doorn
      Warvinge 33, 8420 Vlissegem
      059 23 44 52 -
      This rustic restaurant oozes atmosphere and offers its guests a cosy culinary experience. With children’s menu and terrace. 
    • Kamperfoeli
      Zandstraat 1, 8420 De Haan (Klemskerke)
      0475 52 10 82 -
      Playground, terrace and children’s menu. 
    • De Concessie
      Leopoldlaan 18-20, 8420 De Haan
      059 23 34 13
      Child-friendly restaurant in De Haan town centre. 
    • De Kruishoeve
      Duiveketestraat 3-5, 8420 De Haan
      059 23 73 55 -
      Polder restaurant with garden terrace and small farm yard animals. 
    • Duinenhof
      Vosseslag 118, 8420 De Haan
      059 32 58 51
      Child-friendly tearoom with playground in Vosseslag. 
    • De Perseput
      Park Prins Albert, 8420 De Haan (Wenduine)
      0486 65 69 49
      Pavilion amidst the Wenduine dunes where the children can play their little hearts out. 
    • Wielingenbar
      Graaf Jansdijk 18, 8420 De Haan (Wenduine)
      050 41 06 50
      Tavern by the municipal swimming pool with large south-facing terrace and small playground.

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    • King Beach
      Zeedijk, 8370 Blankenberge
      0475 82 80 41 -
      This holiday village offers everyone, young and old, exactly the food they’re looking for.With playground, terrace and play area.
    • Chalet Leopold
      Leopoldstraat 1, 8370 Blankenberge
      050 42 98 16
      Brasserie/tavern in the park by the marina offering various activities for young and old. With terrace and children’s menu.
    • Café au Lait
      Grote Markt 15, 8370 Blankenberge
      050 41 06 18  
      Enjoy an unctuous snack in this spacious eatery while the children play to their heart’s content in the ball pit, play area and on the terrace. With children’s menu.
    • Vénitien
      Zeedijk 115, 8370 Blankenberge
      050 41 10 74 -
      Sea-view trendy restaurant with something for everyone on the menu. With children’s menu and play area.
    • Oberbayern
      De Smet de Naeyerlaan 49, 8370 Blankenberge
      050 41 25 98 -
      Large restaurant by the port, specialised in offering you mussels until you pop.Bon appétit!With play area, terrace and children’s menu.
    • Vakantiecentrum Floreal
      Kon. Albertlaan 59, 8370 Blankenberge
      050 43 21 11This tearoom offers light meals and snacks. With playground, minigolf, tennis and children’s menu.
    • Vakantiecentrum Duinse Polders
      Ruzettelaan 195, 8370 Blankenbergeel
      050 43 24 00 -
      We promise the children won’t get bored easily in this resort with playground, minigolf and tennis, while you enjoy a delicious snack in the cafeteria.

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    • Tijdok
      Tijdokstraat 16, 8380 Zeebrugge
      This restaurant has a separate play area and menu, especially for the little ones.   

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    • ’t Boerenhof
      Koudekerkelaan 30, 8300 Knokke-Heist
      050 51 13 33 -
      This place offers carefully prepared dishes at affordable prices. Bon appétit! With playground and children’s menu.

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    Due to the coronavirus opening hours and timetables of businesses may deviate. When in doubt, contact the business directly.