Boat trips at the seaside

Met de boot varen op zee


A boat trip at sea

"Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main…" Many a child knows this song off by heart. Ever considered going on a boat trip yourself though? There are umpteen ways to test your sea legs. Ideal activity if you want to take things a little easier. You get to enjoy the wind and water and the mighty and infinite view of the sea just as much. Check out the various options below. And if the sea looks a bit too choppy for your liking you can always go on a boat trip to the hinterland.

Ship ahoy!

Met de Seastar varen
Sailing on the Seastar

Board the Seastar for a stunning tour of Nieuwpoort harbour or a trip on the Yser between Nieuwpoort and Diksmuide. A particularly enjoyable way to discover life on the water! What’s more, as you’re literally sitting on the water, you can really feel and experience it.

Harbour tour

Take the Seastar for a great trip through one of the most stunning harbour towns of the Belgian Coast. It goes through the 'De IJzermonding’ nature reserve all the way into the stunning marina. By the way, did you know that the Nieuwpoort marina is the largest one in Northern Europe? You get to discover Nieuwpoort from the sea; and the Vismijn (fish auction hall) and fishing boats all form part of that. You’ll get treated to a stunning view of the King Albert I monument and the Ganzenpoot (lock complex).

You get to spend one whole hour in and around Nieuwpoort harbour. Make sure to keep an eye out for the seals because they are known to make an appearance every now and again.

Trip on the Yser between Nieuwpoort and Diksmuide

The Belgian Coast’s hinterland is certainly worth a visit. You sail into the Westhoek via the stunning Yser. The fun part of this trip is that you can combine it with a cycle along the picturesque roads and car-free paths between Nieuwpoort and Diksmuide (the Frontzate bicycle trail) and sail back on the Seastar. Want to bet that you’ll be amazed at how different things look from your bike than from the water?

PRACTICAL TIP: you can board the Seastar at various locations, bike and all.

Where to book?
Rederij Seastor in Nieuwpoort

Met de Watertaxi varen op zee
By Watertaxi

The stunning and convivial harbour of Blankenberge has its own water taxi offering you various options: a sea trip to the windmills or the international port of Zeebrugge, not to mention a skyline trip to admire the coastline from the water, an absolute must because the views are nothing short of spectacular and amazing.

Another wonderful option: anchor fishing!
Whether you’re an experienced angler or a complete novice, give anchor fishing a try. The boat drops anchor a few miles off shore. Then it’s simply a matter of casting your rod and catching those fish.

Skipper Michel De Vos is also a genuine coastal ambassador

Michel is a real man of the sea. He loves the Belgian Coast and wouldn’t part with it for love or money.
Discover his story!

Further details and bookings:

Varen op zee vanaf Zeebrugge met Rederij Franlis
Boat trips with Captain Blue

Also Captain Blue has many fun sailing activities in store. Choose between sea excursions, tours of the harbour, North Sea cruises or a spot of sea fishing. Captain Blue departs from Ostend or Zeebrugge. A boat trip on the sea gives you a stunning and amazing view of the coastline while a harbour cruise in Zeebrugge will give you an inkling of how tough real life can be at an international port. The North Sea cruise will take you to the first Belgian wind farm in the North Sea. Have your camera to hand because you’ll regret it if you don’t!

Another must is fishing at sea. An unforgettable experience and suitable for young and old! With a bit of luck, you may even get to have your own catch for dinner!

Where to book these trips?

Give Captain Blue a call!

Flanders Tours
Trips with Flanders Tours 

Nieuwpoort from the water is a sight to behold. From the Westhoek Marina, Flanders Tours will take you on a wonderful boat trip across the Nieuwpoort-Plassendale Canal. The stunning surroundings and gorgeous nature are a feast for the eyes. With a bit of luck you may even get to skipper the boat for a while!

Where to book?

Flanders Tours!


Electric boats 

Skippers wanted! Put your skipper’s skills to the test on the Nieuwpoort-Duinkerke Canal. You get to sail an electric boat: comfortable, safe and noiseless. The nice thing is that you don’t even need a licence. The boat is easy to operate and accommodates parties of up to 7 people.

Extra tip: bring a picnic

How does it work?
You can hire electric boats Koksijde01 and Koksijde02 at Wielrijdersrust - Het Dorstige Hart in Koksijde-Oostduinkerke. Talk about a glorious way to pass away a few hours on the inland waterways of the hinterland! The boats can be hired from 1 March until the end of the autumn mid-term break. How’s that for unadulterated relaxation and enjoyment?

Where to book?

Wielrijdersrust Het Dorstige Hart

Zeehonden spotten met Knokke Boat
Spotting seals by speedboat

Nature in all its glory: seals in their own habitat. By speedboat you head for the nature reserve to watch the seals in complete silence. Unique and a definite selfie must. You’ll spend fifteen minutes in the seals’ habitat and, if you keep really quiet, the seals may even come right up to the boat to check you out..

How to get there?
Knokke Boat sails from Zeebrugge. The boat can accommodate up to 10 people.

Het overzetbootje in Oostende
By ferry

If you’ve never been on a boat before you may prefer to keep it short the first time around. In that respect, the ferries you can take while walking or cycling along the Belgian Coast fit the bill to perfection. Nieuwpoort, Ostend and Blankenberge all run a ferry service

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