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The best waffles... according to The Wall Street Journal

Recently The Wall Street Journal stuck its food critic Alexander Lobrano on a train from Brussels to Knokke-Heist and sent him on a waffle expedition to explore the Belgian seaside with the Coastal Tram.

After many a tasting session, he finally picked 5 places which, according to his humble palate, were decidedly the best to eat the famous Belgian waffles:

Marie Siska in Knokke-Heist

This classic tearoom in Knokke-Heist, ‘Belgium’s equivalent of The Hamptons’ as Lobrano called it, has long been famous for its legendary, heart-shaped waffles that have become a must for every sweet-tooth out there.

't Koetshuis in Blankenberge

Lobrano proclaimed this place the best one to eat waffles at the Belgian Coast. Why? Well, their light dusting with icing sugar or subtle coating with caramelised sugar just make them plain delicious. Though it’s not only the waffles themselves that are fantastic, it’s also about the sheer enjoyment of savouring them in the wonderful garden!

Silversand in Blankenberge

It’s not only Silversand’s unique location at the seafront and the wonderful sea views that make this place fantastic, it’s also certainly about the gigantic waffles! Of course big isn’t always better, but in this case it definitely is, because these airy sweet treats are literally the size of a book and will undoubtedly caress your taste buds!

Tearoom Georges in Oostende

This tearoom has a list of 15 different toppings for waffles to choose from, with the most popular among them being, according to Lobrano, the Black Forest variety with black cherries, whipped cream and calvados. No doubt Oostende’s unique decor with its artsy allure has inspired many a creative soul.

Tearoom Aan Zee in De Panne

Yet another wonderful must-go for waffles according to Lobrano is Tearoom Aan Zee and the Art Deco hotel of the same name that look out over the shopping street. The kitchen serves its waffles with butter, two different kinds of sugar and apricot jam, though definitely also try the one with speculaas spread or advocaat!

Read the full article on The Wall Street Journal’s website.

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