Beach, promenade and crowds

What about the beach, promenade and crowd barometer?

On this page you will find all relevant information about the beach, promenade and crowdedness. The global pressure barometer gives you a live picture of the busy and quiet places by the sea.


With good weather in sight, the registration system for the three busiest beaches in Ostend will be reactivated from Thursday 6 August to Sunday 9 August. 

How to register? 
You can register in 4 ways:

  • Online via the website of Ostend
  • By phone: 0800 62 167 (free number)
  • On the spot:
    • UiTloket (Hendrik Serruyslaan 18A).
    • Tourism Ostend (Monacoplein 2 - across the Kursaal)
  • At the beach
    • Only if there is still space available can a steward with a scanner be logged in directly.


!! Important update regarding the use of masks:
From 24/07 it is mandatory to wear a mouth mask in crowded places. 

It is compulsory to use mouth masks on sea dikes, at (evening) markets, in shopping streets and in built-up areas. In Ostend you also have to wear a mouth mask when you go for a walk on the beach. If you sit down on the beach you do not have to wear a mask. If you move around on the beach to go swimming in the sea or to practice a water sport activity (such as surfing), you don't have to wear a mask either. 

Crowd barometer

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