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5 savoury coastal classics

The Belgian Coast is a culinary paradise. Chefs rightfully extol the North Sea riches. Fresh fish and the many regional specialities make for a rich gastronomy. And there are a number of dishes you simply have to eat while you’re on the Belgian Coast. Coastal classics that celebrate the flavours of the sea!

Discover 5 coastal classics to make your mouth water.

Garnaalkroketjes eten aan de Kust

Shrimp croquettes

A crisp coating, with a creamy and rich filling: the ultimate shrimp croquette. The delectable brown North Sea shrimp has turned this croquette into a real delicacy. A properly made shrimp croquette is a play of contrasting structures and complex flavours. Deep-fried to a golden colour, the crunchiness, followed by the smooth, gently flavoured ragout full of shrimp makes for a stunning combination. The contrast between the brittle crust and the creamy filling is what turns a skilfully made croquette into a veritable feast. Shrimp croquettes are a typically Belgian speciality and the best place to eat them is at the Belgian Coast!

5 places that serve shrimp croquettes to die for

Tongetjes eten aan de Kust


A visit to the Belgian Coast wouldn’t be complete without a fine North Sea sole. This authentic dish doesn’t need any show, is utterly delicious, super fresh and healthy. Sole is usually served pan-fried with butter.

Many fishmongers on the Belgian Coast will be able to supply you with fresh sole. The ideal period to eat sole is from January through to June because it has the finest flavour then.

Vlaamse witte haring - foto VLAM

The Flemish white and sweet herring

Herring is a fish people have been eating since time and memoriam. As herring was plentiful, our forefathers had to come up with a way to preserve them. This is how they started salting and smoking the fish.

The typically Flemish sweet herring has been salted and dried before being cold-smoked on beech wood. The smoking process for white herring is shorter than for its brown counterpart. The sweet version is smoked “sweet” with beech wood. Delicious with vinaigrette and silver onions on boiled potatoes!

Factoid: the Flemish white or sweet herring requires a ‘plump’ herring, i.e. mature herring that is caught during the months of October and November.

Tomaat-garnaal aan de Kust

Shrimp-stuffed tomato

This all-time classic remains as popular as ever, be it as a starter or main course. And rightly so… the delicious brown shrimp really comes into its own when served with really good tomato.

This tasty dish is served all over the Belgian Coast. Why not try making this yummy dish yourself?

Vissoep aan zee

Divine fish soup

A good fish soup always fits the bill. The wonderful North Sea flavours in a properly prepared fish soup never fail to delight. Tijdok in Zeebrugge and Oosterstaketsel in Blankenberge are two of the places on the Belgian Coast that serve a particularly delicious fish soup.

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