5 active getaways for young and old

It’s not always easy to find something to do that’s fun for everyone, sometimes it’s too tiring for the one while it’s not near good enough for the others or vice versa.

Well, with these 5 activities, you and the gang, young or old, will all have fun, guaranteed!

Cycling with a view

The Belgian Coast’s cycling network will guarantee lots of cycling fun just as long and as tiring as you want it, thanks to the many crossings that let you put together your own route!

Though be sure to check out some suggestions here if that seems a bit too much for you yet.

Extra tip! Download the free West-Vlinderen app for even more possibilities.

Never too old ...

Surely you’re never too old to ride a pedal go-cart or pedal car along the seafront. So go for it, alone, with the family or with grandma and grandpa! Though those who think it’ll all be a doddle are warned, because even at the Belgian seaside things do go up and down from time to time. So it’s fun galore!

You’re never too old to roll from the dunes either, just choose a nice spot and let your hair down. Activities like this are perfect to flex those facial muscles with some laughter!

In the mood for a good story about the coast? Just ask a Belgian Coast Greeter

Interesting, nice to know, captivating and surprising... one by one, Belgium’s Coast Greeters are passionate about the sea and the communities they live in, so they love taking people like you out to all those unique and hidden gems! No well-trodden tourist spots for them, only the stories and fun facts you are looking for.

Though please note that they are all volunteers and can only take 6 people maximum! If you would like to book a tour with one, then please send an application here.

Cycle from the city to the beach along the Westhoek KD cycling route

All 5 KD child-friendly cycling routes through the Westhoek are 17 to 20 km long and great fun, including the Van Stad naar Strand one which will take you from Veurne to De Panne. Westhoek heroes Jaek and Nink will show you the way with their hexagonal signs, but the route is also available here.

Animals and more

There’s lots of animals to see at the Belgian Coast! From fish, over reptiles, to the birds and the bees. And they get everyone’s spirits up, young and old alike.

The Zwin nature park or Uitkerkse Polder reserve, for example, are perfect for bird watching, while Sea Life in Blankenberge and the Navigo National Fisheries Museum will teach you everything there is to know about what lives below sea level. And there’s much, much more! Don’t know where to start or where to go? No problem, because here is a list of places with animals at the seaside in all shapes and sizes.

Extra Tip! Download your free Coast Pass and enjoy extra benefits and discounts at various attractions.

Don't forget to check the weather.

Due to its special micro climate, the weather at the Belgian Coast is often quite a bit different to the rest of the country. So while the sun is out at the seaside, the rest of Belgium might well be completely overcast.

Due to the corona crisis, opening hours and timetables may vary. If in doubt, it is best to contact the entrepreneur himself.
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