Exhibition Operation North Sea 1944 - '45

Star Wars

Pom - Pom kanon

How and why a Star Wars canon ended up in Zeebrugge

For the next eighteen months, you’ll be able to admire the anti-aircraft artillery of warship HMS Roberts at the exhibition Operation North Sea 1944-’45 at Seafront in Zeebrugge. During the Second World War, everyone called it a Pom-Pom or a ‘Chicago piano’. The real name of that piece of artillery is a bit of a mouth full: Vickers 2pdr QF MK VIII. History you reckon? More than history! Remember Luke Skywalker in Star Wars? In fact it was the Pom-Pom that George Lukas used as source of inspiration for his ‘4R-GR Quad Laser’ cannon. That also makes it a piece of the future, wouldn’t you say?

The original Pom-Pom cannon of warship HMS Roberts is on display at Seafront Zeebrugge. The large cannons of the HMS Roberts now grace the entrance of the Imperial War Museum in London. A unique chance to see the inspiration for Star Wars in real life.

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