Exhibition Operation North Sea 1944 - '45

Obstacle run

The ultimate obstacle run: 60 km march with 40 kg on your back

On Saturday, another Raid of Valour obstacle run will take place in Zeebrugge. A race full of large obstacles, ropes, mud and water. Did you know that the obstacle runs were invented as a means to train commandos?

The Belgian commandos were founded during the Second World War. They trained by marching 60 kilometres with a load of 40 kg on their backs. 75 years ago, that training paid off during the taking of the mouth of the Scheldt.

The ultimate motivator

From 1942 onwards, the first Belgian commandos were trained in Scotland. The trainer was ruthless. At the edge of the property, he had fake graves dug and told the trainee soldiers that this is where the soldiers that hadn’t made it through the training were buried.

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