With the dog to ... Nieuwpoort!

Nieuwpoort offers plenty of opportunities for lovely walks with your loyal friend. But do remember dogs should be kept on a leash everywhere at all times, without exception!


Walking: where (not)?

Met de hond wandelen aan de kust

On the beach

  • Things are very straightforward indeed in Nieuwpoort: from 16 September to 14 June dogs are allowed on the beach, but they must be kept on a leash.
  • This means they are banned from the beach completely from 15 June to 15 September.

Other places

  • Naturally, dogs can go for walkies with their masters in the street, in the dunes, along the seafront, in public parks and along any walking paths provided, but they must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • However, dogs are banned from cemeteries, (children’s) play areas, sports grounds, sports venues, the municipal swimming pool and the Zonnebloem park in the Albert I-laan.
  • Unfortunately Nieuwpoort has no dog park yet, but it’s planning one in the Maritiem Park or Mauritspark.  



  • A few years ago, Nieuwpoort council invested in Citydog systems: posts of 2.5 m high with dog poop bag dispensers, dog litter bins and signs for useful information attached to them. And they’re adding more posts regularly.
  • There are also extra waste bins along the seafront and the popular promenade along the port fairway.



  • Nieuwpoort has become the proud host of its first dog club, which recently had an open day.
  • Other local clubs and associations organise walks that welcome dogs too.


Dogs welcome: eating and sleeping

There are lots of possibilities to take your dog with you to the seaside, even if you’d like to stay a bit longer. Many places offering food and drink or overnight accommodation welcome pets. Though some indicate this on their website, don’t forget to ask when booking if you want to be safe!

These are some of our tips:

Check out more tips for eating, click here.

Check out more tips for sleeping, click here.

Other things to consider

  • Nieuwpoort allows many pedigree dogs or their cross-breeds out and about only with a muzzle. To see if your dog needs one, please consult the Nieuwpoort police regulations. Breeds that must wear muzzles include, but are not limited to, Pitbull Terriers, English Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Tosas and Akita Inus, Bull Terriers, (Bordeaux) Mastiffs and Rottweilers. Dogs that have biting or aggressive tendencies must wear a muzzle as well.
  • Careful because checks are regularly carried out by the council’s wardens, assisted in the summer by students employed by the Safety and Prevention department.
  • If your dog hasn’t got its muzzle on but should be wearing one, you can be fined. This also applies in other coastal communities.


Useful addresses

Hond aan zee


Dog care / Grooming

Dog training centres