With the dog to ... Koksijde-Oostduinkerke!

Is my dog welcome in Koksijde? Of course it is! Though dog owners, please keep your loyal friend on a leash in public! 


Walking: where (not)?

Met de hond wandelen aan de kust

On the beach

  • As a general rule when on the beach, dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • However, the beach is by no means off-limits, neither in Koksijde, nor in Oostduinkerke, as from 16 September to 31 May inclusive, dogs are allowed on the entire beach all the time. Before 10.30 am and after 6.30 pm, they are also welcome anywhere on the beach during the summer season which runs from 1 June to 15 September inclusive.
  • Dogs who’d like to go and play on the beach between 10.30 am and 6.30 pm in the summer, can still do so, but should keep to three designated dog zones that still cover 40% (!) of Koksijde’s total beach area:
    • Between the municipal boundary with De Panne and the boundary of the guarded zone at the Pieterlaan 10 ;
    • Between the Bettystraat an the G. Scottlaan (Sint-André);
    • Between the Cottagelaan and the Paardevissersweg .

Other places

  • Dogs are not allowed in cemeteries, public buildings and municipal swimming pools.
  • Dogs can accompany their masters to well-nigh all nature areas on Koksijde territory if they make use of the walking paths provided. The only places truly off-limits are areas for grazing and sensitive areas, e.g. along the walking path in the Noordduinen dunes and during the nesting season in part of the Hannecartbos wood, but these are clearly marked and included on many maps, with any particular rules clearly indicated.
  • Again: dogs should be kept on a leash at all times.



  • Over the past few years, Koksijde has laid out a large network of dog litter bins and regular waste bins which means you’ll find a place to dispose of your dog poop bag within 300 m as the crow flies on 90% of the council’s territory.
  • The special dog litter bins are regularly emptied by the street hygiene service as well.



  • One or more walks by and for dog owners are organised every year on different dates, often for charity and in collaboration with the council.
  • A real must, also for dogs, is the annual winter walk on 30 December. Several dog clubs take part in the event, as one of the routes is dog-friendly.
  • Koksijde’s walking map, available for € 3 at the local Tourist Board, also features three walks suitable for dogs.


Dogs welcome: eating and sleeping

There are lots of possibilities to take your dog with you to the seaside, even if you’d like to stay a bit longer. Many places offering food and drink or overnight accommodation welcome pets. Though some indicate this on their website, don’t forget to ask when booking if you want to be safe!

These are some of our tips:

Check out more tips for eating, click here.

Check out more tips for sleeping, click here.

Other things to consider

  • The council is running an awareness campaign under the slogan Honde-Beregoed to encourage people to clear up their dog mess and keep their four-legged friends on a leash. The campaign poster is put up in places where lots of dogs come for walkies or where the council has detected a dog poo problem.
  • As far as dog poo goes, things are straightforward too: dog mess should be cleared up at all times. On the pavement, on the beach, yes even by the side of the road. Everywhere! Dog poop bags do not belong on the ground, in the gutter or in the sewer. Careful because the council’s wardens regularly check.
  • (Potentially) dangerous dogs must wear a muzzle when out and about as well.


Useful addresses

Hond aan zee

Pet shops
  • Avifauna Pieters, Dorpstraat 8 (Oostduinkerke), Tel.: +32 (0)58/ 51 28 56, www.avifauna.be
Dog grooming
  • Doty's Toilettage, Boulognestraat 6, Gsm: +32 (0)479/ 29 10 93, dorysmet@ooutlook.com, www.dotystoilettage.be
  • Toilettage Sarah, Vanmaldeghemstraat 8 (Oostduinkerke), Gsm: +32 (0)486/ 48 39 75, toilettage_sarah@msn.com
  • Trimsalon Evelien, Polderstraat 2 (Oostduinkerke), Gsm: +32 (0)499/ 21 18 58, hondentrimevelien@hotmail.com
  • Trim Time, Groene Spechtstraat 4 (Oostduinkerke, Gsm: +32 (0)468/ 31 03 96, kim@trimtime.be
  • M. Masset, Veurnekeiweg 10 (Wulpen), Tel.: +32 (0)58/ 51 29 90
  • ’t Knuffelbeest, Nieuwpoortteenweg 202 (Oostduinkerke), Gsm: +32 (0)496/ 69 67 95
Dog training centres / Dog therapy