With the dog to ... De Haan!

De Haan loves dogs with all its heart, so we’ve put together a list of great tips to make everyone’s stay a memorable one. 


Walking: where (not)?

Met de hond wandelen aan de kust

On the beach

  • Dogs are not allowed in the dunes of De Haan and Wenduine, in the lifeguard zones on the beach or in the sea between 10 am and 7 pm during the summer season which runs from 1 June until 15 September.
  • However, just passing through with a dog on a short leash is allowed during these times in the Vosseslag zone. To make sure your dog is allowed in any zone, please refer to the signs which clearly indicate periods and times and can be found in all relevant places.
  • All this is good news for dog owners, though, because it means our four-legged friends are always welcome all year round in the non-lifeguard zones. Off the leash as well! This is also the case during the summer season, but before 10 am and after 7 pm.
  • Though dogs must be kept on a leash in the dune forest.

Other places

  • Of course dogs can’t run around off the leash everywhere. They must be kept on a leash along public roads, in woods and other public places such as in cemeteries, (children’s) play areas and municipal buildings.
  • Though as everywhere, these rules do not apply to guide dogs and police dogs.



  • Dog poop bags are easily disposed of in one of the many dog litter bins or the permanent or seasonal waste bins, including those on the beach.
  • The council does not take kindly to discarded dog poop bags on the ground or in the sewer, though, issuing fines of up to € 350.


The annual Sea-Dog-Walk (Zee-Honden-Wandeling) organised on the last Sunday in September by the Kynologische Vereniging De Haan in collaboration with the council is one of the biggest dog events at the Belgian Coast and brings together thousands of walkers along the beach, in the dunes, polders and woods. A real must.

Dogs welcome: eating and sleeping

There are lots of possibilities to take your dog with you to the seaside, even if you’d like to stay a bit longer. Many places offering food and drink or overnight accommodation welcome pets. Though some indicate this on their website, don’t forget to ask when booking if you want to be safe!

These are some of our tips:

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  • Let your dog play to its heart’s content in B&B Yaca’s 1,100m2 garden. Rest assured your dog’s going to be just fine, because the entire domain is fenced off.
    Dogs stay for free in Hotel Callista (though the hotel applies a maximum of 1 dog per person).

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Other things to consider

  • After the first posters carrying the slogan ‘no dog poo on the ground - will you help us keep it clean?’ appeared in a few dog poo hotspots in the Vosseslag area, De Haan council is now working together with mooimakers.be, the Flemish initiative against litter and fligh-tipping of the Waste Agency of Flanders, with Fost Plus and the Flemish Association of Cities and Municipalities for the second part of its awareness campaign in the area.
  • Free dog poop bags were distributed and dog owners who set a good example could win a shopping voucher.
  • The local Tourist Board also has a brochure with lots of great info and tips. The campaign won’t stay within the limits of the Vosseslag area either, as the council is planning to roll it out on the rest of its territory too.
  • De Haan’s police regulations stipulate that dangerous dogs must wear a muzzle and that Pitbull Terriers are not allowed to stay or be kept on De Haan territory.


Useful addresses

Hond aan zee


  • P. & A. Breemersch, Duinenweg 2, Vlissegem, Tel.: +32 (0)59/ 23 60 30
  • N. Cappaert, Vosseslag 105, Klemskerke, Tel.: +32 (0)59/ 23 82 64, Gsm: +32 (0)475/ 80 23 69
  • G. Soetaert, Langestraat 34, Wenduine, Tel.: +32 (0)50/ 41 53 95, guy.soetaert@telenet.be, www.dierenartsdehaan.be
Dog care / Grooming
  • Dogs Vanity, Keydorpstraat 6, Vlissegem, Gsm: +32 (0)475/ 53 36 27, danielle.deneef@hotmailCom
  • Eveline Dierenpension, Grotestraat 144, Klemskerke, Tel.: +32 (0)59/ 23 60 90, Gsm: +32 (0)475/ 72 30 53, www.dierenpensioneveline.be
  • Happy Dog, Nieuwstraat 5, Klemskerke, Tel.: +32 (0)59/ 23 43 13
  • Canichou, Driftweg 125, Tel.: +32 (0)59/ 32 58 10
Dog training centres / Dog therapy