With the dog to ... Bredene!

Bredene generally allows dogs on the beach and in the dunes, provided owners keep to certain rules.


Walking: where (not)?

Met de hond wandelen aan de kust

On the beach

  • Dogs are not allowed on the beach and when in the dunes must keep to the paved paths from 1 July to 31 August between 10.30 am and 6.30 pm. Before and after those times, they are allowed, but must be kept on a leash.
  • Between 1 July and 31 August dogs can accompany their masters all day on the beach between the surf club Twins beach concession and the municipal boundary with Ostend and in the zone between lifeguard post 6 (the Hippodroom entrance to the beach) and the boundary with the nudist beach.  However, dogs must be kept on a leash here too.
  • But there’s also good news: dog owners going to Bredene with their pets can let them run around on the beach and in the water off the leash between 15 October and 15 March, except in the surf zone of the Twins surf club.

Other places

  • Dogs are banned from cemeteries, municipal sports venues (except for the cafeterias and their access paths) and any other public and municipal buildings. Dog owners, please also keep your loyal friend on the leash in public.
  • However, dogs can run around off the leash in the two dog parks at the Brouwerijstraat and by the Creatuur building in Bredene village centre.




  • Apart from the regular waste bins at the entrances to the beach, the council provides lots of extra seasonal ones on the beach during the high season.
  • Dog poop bags can be disposed of in one of the many dog litter bins and regular waste bins on the council’s territory as well.


Dogs welcome: eating and sleeping

There are lots of possibilities to take your dog with you to the seaside, even if you’d like to stay a bit longer. Many places offering food and drink or overnight accommodation welcome pets. Though some indicate this on their website, don’t forget to ask when booking if you want to be safe!

These are some of our tips:

  • Spoil your dog with a delicious doggy ice cream from tea-room MDue

Check out more tips for eating, click here.

Check out more tips for sleeping, click here.

Other things to consider

  • Last year, the council launched a tongue-in-cheek dog poo campaign with stand-up comedian Piv Huvluv as its front man. Dog owners could sign a charter committing themselves unconditionally to always clear up the poo of their trusted pet. But the campaign was only the first step.
  • Once awareness had been raised, the council decided to also take repressive measures, sending out its staff, - wardens and special community constables to carry out regular checks in places with a dog poo problem. Checks are announced on the sandwich boards in the concerned areas.
  • Offenders can be fined up to € 250.
  • And if you do take your dog out, don’t forget to take your dog poop bags with you.


Useful addresses

Hond aan zee

Pet shops
Dog care / Grooming
  • Lassie Hondentrimsalon, Kapelstraat 56 bus 003, Tel.: +32 (0)59/ 43 76 82
  • Canichou, Hendrik Consciencelaan 2, Tel.: +32 (0)59/ 32 58 10
Dog training centres / Dog therapy
Hondenwelzijn, Derbylaan 26, Gsm: +32 (0)499/ 46 30 79, hondenwelzijn@telenet.bewww.hondenwelzijn.be