Child-friendly cycle in De Haan-Wenduine

De Haan

De Haan oozes authenticity. You won’t even have to get off your bike to admire the belle époque treasures in this coastal town. If you want to venture further afield, go and check out nature reserves d'Heye and Kijkuit. Or feast your eyes on the quaint village centres of Vlissegem or Klemskerke. One thing you will not be is disappointed!

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Circular One Way
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This route starts at node 6, in the centre of De Haan near the historic tramway station.
Nodes: 6 – 98 – 12 – 96 – 56 – 6
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De Haan tramstation

The listed tram station and the Concessie villa district are gems of 20th century coastal architecture. These days, the tram station houses the local tourist information office.



Vlissegem, one of the oldest villages on the Belgian Coast, is not much bigger than a pinhead.

Once passed the church, you’ve got your back to the village already! Getting you there takes you past fields, pastures and ditches awash with poppies and buttercups, so most definitely worth the effort.



The tiny but delightful Klemskerke is full of charm and gives you an idea of village life of yesteryear.

‘t Reigershof Klemskerke

De Haan Reigershof

A stop for the goat’s cheese lover! Here you can learn everything there is to know about goat’s cheese, not to mention get your hands dirty if you were that way inclined. And if you’re not much of a farmer you could always treat yourself to some of the wonderful farmhouse goat cheeses.



This protected nature reserve straddles the border between Bredene and De Haan and is a full-fledged member of the highly select club of fossil dunes. The lime-deficient soil makes for a unique flora and is the perfect growing medium for fungi like the brightly coloured waxcap mushrooms.

Nature Reserve De Kijkuit

Kijkuit duinen

This dune reserve is situated west of the De Haan Zeepreventorium (sea-side preventorium). Dune pansies and cypress spurge are the main flora here.

La Potinière

De Haan Potinière

This park demesne in the heart of De Haan is a children’s paradise. Tennis courts, pitch & putt, a sunbathing lawn, playgrounds and a centrally-located cafeteria from where you can watch your brood have the time of their lives.

The Concessie district

De Haan Concessiewijk

In the Concessie, the listed belle époque villa district, you can stroll from one interesting property to the next. From the first luxury hotel with running water to Albert Einstein’s hiding place shortly before World War II.

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