Blogger Dimitri Desender from Vaderklap reports

Blogger Dimitri Desender van Vaderklap

Dimitri Desender is one of the founding fathers of Vaderklap. Fathers who want to share stories, write, experience and give an insight into what it is like to become and be a father so that our stories might inspire other fathers and highlight everything that’s great about fatherhood. During this inspiring voyage we like to connect up with people, brands, products and places. The Vaderklap platform is the reference father blog in Belgium and even published its own book. Dimitri is also co-founder of design agency Maneuver and writes about his other passion on bike blog

Blogger Dimitri Desender van Vaderklap op stap in De Panne aan de Kust


A staycation. A getaway. A weekend at the seaside. Awesome. Not too sure about the autumn though... Stormy weather, cool evenings and even cooler nights. But it proved to be an utter success!
Blogger Dimitri Desender van Vaderklap met de mobilhome naar de Kust

Collecting our motor home at Urbano

For this particular weekend, we decided to use a camper van. We were able to hire one from Urbano; one of the references in Belgium. Certainly if size is anything to go by. A visit to the showroom alone is enough to put you in holiday mood. As the high season was coming to an end, we got sorted really quickly. Once they’ve taken you through your camper van’s functionalities, you’re good to go.

Blogger Dimitri Desender van Vaderklap met de mobilhome naar Camping Ter Hoeve in De Panne

Camping Ter Hoeve

We chose our berth strategically. Within walking distance of Plopsaland and Plosaqua. Camping Ter Hoeve is a peaceful spot, amidst greenery and trees, and we picked a spot looking out over the surrounding fields. We settled in our chosen spot, got the beds ready for the night and left for the highlight of the trip (for the kids that is): the combination of Plopsaland and Plopsaqua.


The kids never tire of this place. The atmosphere is just right and you can feel that they go the extra mile to deliver an experience. Because it’s autumn, also here peak season is more or less over which means that there is no queuing and far less frustration. Our kids are still small and queuing half an hour for the various attractions is a non-starter. To be honest, everyone should treat the family to a day in Plopsaland in October or November.

Naar Plopsaland met blogger Dimitri Desender van Vaderklap
Dimitri Desender van Vaderklap in Plopsaqua

Magical Plopsaqua

We had visited Plopsaland before but had never been to Plopsaqua. The building does not reveal the magic inside. You end up in a peaceful atmosphere of a sunset and imagine yourself in the world of Vickie the Viking. Remarkably beautiful and quite an experience for the kids. Wild water rides, slides, unexpected rain showers, you name it!

Blogger Dimitri Desender van Vaderklap op wandel met zijn dochter langs de zeedijk van De Panne

Breathing in the fresh sea air on the promenade

The next day, we headed for the promenade in our motor home, on a mission to do the classic of all classics: hiring a go-cart. Here too, I found myself giving into feelings of nostalgia. Not to be missed: chasing seagulls and running across the beach. Even if the breeze is somewhat on the chilly side.

Huyze Armalot by Julia als finale

To finish off, we went for a bite to eat at Huyze Armalot (by Julia). This restaurant is not located on the promenade, but nestled away in a small villa district. Away from the hustle and bustle and day trippers. A child-friendly spot. Take it from me. Equipped with a great playground, slide and all. Also the menu is geared towards children. A tantalising menu with home-made desserts and lemonade. A brief chat with the owners told me that they have four children of their own. “Children add a touch of playfulness and elicit a smile from all the guests. They break awkward silences and allow Huyze Armalot to bask in warmth.” he whispered. Children are welcome here but don’t get to rule the roost. A happy medium - like in any good dish - is perfect. The food was scrumptious and we got to take in the last rays of the glorious autumn sun.

Lekker eten bij Huyze Armalot by Julia in De Panne met blogger Dimitri Desender van Vaderklap

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