De Haan - Wenduine

The tourist heart of De Haan-Centre is the 'Concession', the beautiful and historic residential area with its typical Belle Epoque villas. In 1889 the Belgian Government granted a long term lease - or 'concession' - for 90 years on this 50 hectare plot of land. 

  • De Haan-Centre is really charming, not only because of its style and situation, but thanks to the absence of high-rise buildings. These characteristics give a special look to this seaside resort.
  • The pleasant and hospitable resort of Wenduine owes its quiet, family character to the long tradition of holiday homes for children who have chosen this as their favourite stopping place.

Beach and promenade in De Haan-Wenduine this summer

The general safety measures apply at all times.

  • What is absolutely worth knowing?
    In De Haan-Wenduine there is no need to book your spot on the beach, though on arrival, you will be given extra guidelines for the beach berm and foreshore. Near the beach huts, the use of beach windbreaks is mandatory. At that, a 1m distance between beach huts must be respected. Cyclists are not permitted to access the promenade, though push carts (go-carts) for the tiny tots are.
  • We’ll make sure that you’ll have a brilliant, carefree holiday!
    The beach has been subdivided into zones and, per zone, beach coaches are on duty to steer everything in the right direction and to answer any questions. In addition, the level of activity on both beach and promenade will be monitored.

More info?

  • Consult the De Haan-Wenduine website
  • Coming soon - Check out the overview of all the beach and promenade plans here

Current level of activity in De Haan-Wenduine

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Weather forecast

Weather for the next days
thursday  09/12/2021
AM 14° 4 5 S 3 hours 40%
PM 15° 5 4 SSW 1 hour 90%
Night 4 5 SSW SW 80%
sunday  09/01/2022
AM 12° 3 4 S 1 hour 80%
PM 14° 5 6 NW 2 hours 80%
Night 7 6 NW 80%
wednesday  09/02/2022
Day 13° 5 NW 4 hours 60%
wednesday  09/03/2022
Day 10° 14° 6 N 2 hours 60%

Must sees

Concession district

This Anglo-Norman villa estate north of the tram line was once a large dune area that was leased out to private owners in 1889 in order to establish a romantic Belle Époque estate. German urbanist Joseph Stübben designed the image of the town of De Haan: a ‘green’ villa estate with its own architecture and no high-rise buildings. The classified tram station and the villa estate north of the tram line are true examples of the Anglo-Norman craftsmanship typically found in Belle Époque architecture along our coast.

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La Potinière

The ‘La Potinière’ domain is the green lung of De Haan. This child-friendly urban park offers a whole variety of recreational pursuit.

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Center Parcs De Haan

Not the right weather for an ocean swim? Visit the indoor playground and the subtropical swimming paradise Aqua Mundo in Center Parcs De Haan. Fun for the whole family guaranteed! Furthermore, Center Parcs holiday villages offer all-weather holidays in Belgium, with comfortable and affordable self catered holiday houses and a wide range of on-site facilities and activities.

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On the second highest dune on our coast (31 m high), stands a white pavilion with a red roof on it: the so-called Spioenkop. From there you have a grand panoramic view over the polder landscape behind it, the woods in its surroundings and the coastal plains.

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The Rotonde is the perfect children's play area in Wenduine at the foot of the dunes, protected from the wind by a modern screen.

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Tram station

The little tram station in De Haan is a perfect example of the Anglo-Norman style that is so typical of the Belle Époque architecture that prevails in the Belgian coastal towns.

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The dune forests in De Haan are like a green oasis on the Belgian coast. The area consists of three parts and covers more than 152 hectares.

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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein lived in De Haan for a couple of months in 1933 and the evidence is still there. You can not only sit next to his statue, but the house he stayed in is also there to see.

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Reigershof Klemskerke

Het Reigershof in Klemskerke (De Haan - Wenduine) is a goat farm you can visit.

Tourism Offices in De Haan-Wenduine

Tourism Office in De Haan

Tourism Office Wenduine

Tourism Office Vosseslag

Website of Tourism De Haan-Wenduine

How to get there

By car: 
E40 (direction Oostende) – exit 6 (Jabbeke-De Haan)

By Tram

The Coast Pass

With the FREE Coast Pass you get good discounts at more than 40 attractions at the Coast amounting to a total of €300!

Due to the corona crisis, opening hours and timetables may vary. If in doubt, it is best to contact the entrepreneur himself.
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