Coastal ambassador Michel De Vos and his bond with the Belgian Coast

Kustambassadeur Michel De Vos van Watertaxi in Blankenberge

Cruising into infinity

Who? Michel De Vos operates a VIP water taxi service and organises cruises and romantic night-time excursions from Blankenberge.

Coastal encounters? Xavier Vercaemst from the C-Hotels Group, ‘a matter of exchanging some interesting tips.’

Coastal feeling? The song ‘Avec la mer du Nord’ by Jacques Brel

There is no denying your roots. For generations, the De Vos family has had links with the sea. As a tiny boy, Michel was well used to strolling along the Promenade and shoreline, holding his mother’s hand. The start of an intense passion for the sea and a passion that grew stronger by the year. ‘As I got older, I got to horse around on the beach all summer long with the Vakantiepatronaat (holiday camp).’ It led to strong friendships that have endured to this very day. The ties you forge at the beach seem to be really close.

The best of two worlds

In sum, the fact that Michel choose to align his destiny with the sea is nothing short of logic. And, of course, he is happy to share his love for the sea. ‘The sea is always different, infinite, which is what makes it so relaxing. The source of all life.’ And even when his not out on the water, Michel continues to relish it. ‘The healthy air, the hustle and bustle during summertime, the peaceful early or late seasons. Living by the sea is a gift. You get the best of two worlds: the beauty of the infinite sea and the unspoilt hinterland.’ Let me be clear, leaving the sea is never going to be an option. ‘In my book, that would be sheer purgatory.’

Kustambassadeur Michel De Vos van Watertaxi in Blankenberge
Kustambassadeur Michel De Vos van Watertaxi in Blankenberge
Hidden gems?

‘Blankenberge’s western side is blessed with unspoilt dunes, a choppy canal and a host of great places to eat and drink. From the legendary Oesterput to Cabo, one of the most stunning terraces on the Belgian Coast. Near the Westerstaketsel (western palisade), you will find the pristine Bistro Zee-Zee while the fishermen’s watering hole “Steiger 16” is steeped in harbour romance. And all of that, at a stone’s throw from Blankenberge’s city centre.’

The very best sea view? ‘From the palisade you get to enjoy the sea in its purest form. Wild and untamed. A veritable work of art, one of exceptional beauty.’

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