Coastal ambassador Els Casier loves the Belgian Coast

Kustambassadeur Els Casier van camping Veld en Duin

All set for summer 54 …

Who? Els runs Camping Veld & Duin in Bredene.
Coastal encounters? A chat with a fisherman’s wife at the Vistrap in Oostende, ‘the stories are nothing short of enthralling.’ 


Coastal feeling? The song ‘Twee Meisjes’ by Raymond Van Het Groenewoud

Sometimes the path marked out for you is all too obvious. So, the furthest thing on Els’s mind was a career in camping. Although her parents had transformed a wheat field into a camping site, Els was determined to go into a different direction. It wasn’t for the want of her idyllic summers, for they were filled with carefree coastal happiness. ‘I was never short of friends at the camping site; we even had a veritable clubhouse, based in a disused caravan.’ Glorious, innocent times! ‘I’ll never forget the day we, the campsite gang, were allowed to go to the beach on our own, without parents, for one whole day. Laden down with parasols and picnics, ready to collect memories.’

Careful: contagious camping virus
Perhaps it was those memories that made Els change her mind in the end. ‘Reminiscing, I suddenly realised the many opportunities. And that it would be a shame not to grasp them with both hands.’ Meanwhile, Els has long since been infected with the camping bug. ‘The best time of the year is spring, when you can feel the anticipation in the air. Everything is in bloom, the beach is getting busier and everyone is rearing to start the season.’ The prelude to another glorious summer, meanwhile the 53rd for Camping Veld & Duin and many more to follow, no doubt.


Kustambassadeur Els Casier van camping Veld en Duin
Kustambassadeur Els Casier van camping Veld en Duin

Hidden gems?

  • Marzipan artist Anthony Lams works his magic with marzipan and creates your favourite sea creature in the blink of an eye. Eating them almost feels like sacrilege.
  • There isn’t a terrace that has such a bond with the sea as the Twins Club terrace in Bredene. Here you can enjoy yourself on all fronts.
  • Cinema Rio in De Haan does nostalgia like no other and even manages to brighten up the dreariest wet day.
  • The very best sea view? ‘A walk along the shoreline is fantastic. No matter how many times you walk the shoreline, the circumstances are never the same twice. So, you don’t only get a dose of iodine but also a unique sea view served up to you.’

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