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Discover our Belgian Coast Greeters here! These volunteer local guides will be delighted to show you a myriad of surprising spots and great places in their favourite community at the coast! Check out which Greeter you want to get out and about with and arrange a meeting (see the municipality in bold). They’ll contact you as quickly as possible to tell you when they are available. If they aren’t (e.g. because they are on holiday), you are of course free to contact another Greeter. So arrange to meet as soon as you can!

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De Panne

Bernard Staelens

Bernard will take you on a tour of De Panne with a captivating story and some humour. You will discover the heritage, local history and folklore of the city that once was the ‘capital of Belgium’.


Languages: Dutch, French, German and English.

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Linda Ticket

Linda's grandfather was a fisherman in the Islandic waters. She lives by the rhythm of the sea in Koksijde-Oostduinkerke. She'll take you on a journey through time where nature, history, architecture and early tourism play an important role.


Languages: Dutch, French and English.

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Luc Sesier

Luk has a unique relationship with  Koksijde-Oostduinkerke, as his family have been there since the 18th century. This enchanting family history is the central theme throughout the great time you will have with Luk pedalling through this place. He prefers tours by bike or... pedal car?


Languages: Dutch, French, German and English.

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Michel Pierart

Michel likes sharing his passion for heritage and history in Koksijde-Oostduinkerke and Nieuwpoort (Westfront visitor centre about WWI). Go on, ask him about the beautiful Senegalese Quarter with dune houses in cottage style and the military cemeteries in Koksijde.


Languages: French.

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Diane Coemans

Diane is Belgian Coast Greeter in  Middelkerke-Westende. She’ll take you on a  walk or bicycle   tour along the nicest spots  nature and culture have to offer in Middelkerke.  Her tour will give you a nostalgic image of  holidays, then and now... Enjoy!


Languages: Dutch.

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Marianne Deschacht

It’s clear: there’s a lot more to Middelkerke-Westende than sand and sea. Born and bred here, Marianne likes showing you surprising little spots and telling folk stories that normal visitors often don’t get to know about.


Languages: Dutch and French.

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Dirk Depetter

As a toddler, Dirk took his first steps on the beach of Oostende, where he came back after 55 years away. He’ll show you all the hidden gems of Oostende or Bredene. Go off the beaten track with Dirk, on foot or by bike. You decide together where to go and how long your tour should be.


Languages: Dutch, French, German, English and Spanish.

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Erik De Decker

Erik is born and bred in Oostende. He’s dying to take you to all those spots that don’t feature in all the travel guides. Experience Oostende with Erik. And as a real cherry on the cake, he might teach you how to peel shrimps and give you a Keyte or totje to taste as well!?


Languages: Dutch, French and English.

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Fabienne Segaert

Fabienne loves Oostende and Mariakerke. Culture, nature and good food fascinate her, so she will undoubtedly put together a tour that includes all the nicest little corners Oostende and its surrounding areas have to offer.


Languages: Dutch and English.

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Linda Chiroli

There’s a lot to tell about Oostende, the ‘City by the Sea’, sailor Linda knows that as none other. Her favourite spots are the Oosteroever with the Lange Nelle lighthouse, the Maritieme Site, the fish market, Fort Napoleon... and many more other things worth looking at in Oostende!


Languages: Dutch, French, German and English.

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Marinette Vande Vyvere

Oostende is alive and it shows when you visit the town with Marinette. The re-appreciation of the Belle Époque quarter, the new cultural initiatives in the city centre and life at the Oosteroever all feature during a visit on foot or by tram.

Languages: Dutch, French, English, (Spanish).

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Miguel Vandenbouhede

Miguel Vandenbouhede Miguel will happily take you on a tour of his home town Oostende. Without ever losing track of local food, of course. For example, he’ll show you the village of Stene, at the edge of Oostende. A picturesque spot where it’s great to eat!


Languages: Dutch and English.

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Patrick Wallaeys

Patrick is born and bred in Oostende. He loves taking his visitors on a fresh tour along all the interesting sites Oostende has to offer, including the bustling city centre as well as the peace and quiet of the Oostendse Kreken natural area.


Languages: Dutch, French and English.

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Daniel Vanmassenhove

Daniel will show you how the people of Bredene really experience their community. He will take you on a tour along the most beautiful spots in Bredene, guided by his fascination for nature, travel, geography... and of course the Coast!
Languages: Dutch, French and English.

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De Haan - Wenduine

Jef Mostaert

Jef is Greeter in Wenduine, near De Haan. He’ll take you from figurative heights, like the new sea front and some of the remaining Belle Epoque villas to real high points like the ‘Spioenkop’ old customs observation post on the second highest dune at the Coast.


Languages: Dutch and English.

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Johan Renders

Johan has more than 30 years in De Haan-Wenduine behind him. So he’s a real 'connoisseur'.  And he likes sharing his passion for cycling, walking and the Coast with all his visitors. He’ll take you on a captivating tour of discovery through De Haan, mixed with fun little facts from history ...


Languages: Dutch, French and English.

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Rita Van stalle

Rita is captivated by history, architecture, heritage and gastronomy. And she has incorporated all these interests into her tour through Blankenberge, her home town. Get surprised by the Belle Epoque heritage, the folklore, food and beautiful surroundings of Blankenberge.


Languages: Dutch and English.

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Oliva Van Eeghem

Languages: Nederlands

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Yvan Quintelier

Do you really want to discover Knokke-Heist? Go cycling with Ivan! With a passion for history and photography, he will entertain you with captivating stories about the history of Duinbergen, the surge of tourism in Het Zoute and the wonderful nature and culture of Knokke-Heist.


Languages: Dutch, French and English.

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