Artistic spots in Zeebrugge

In Zeebrugge the port is never very far, and you can admire its impressive manoeuvres in many different places. A bit further on, you can discover some peaceful spots, with rest and charm in abundance. That’s how varied a seaside town can be.

Het Visserskruis in Zeebrugge

Fishers’ cross and the view of the harbour

From the viewing platform at the Fishers’ cross, the monument to fishers lost at sea, you have a front-row seat from which to watch the steel tanker ballet in the harbour. You can enjoy an unobstructed view of the constant and impressive spectacle of loading and unloading without getting tired out in the process.

Fietsen en wandelen op de Saint Georgewandeling in Zeebrugge

Saint George’s Day Walk (Westerdam)

This walk on the western harbour dam offers you a fine view of the sea, the beach, the seafront and the port that never rests. A spot where many worlds come together.

Beaufort gems in Zeebrugge

Rotor – Zeebrugge

Beaufort 2018

Who’s Eating the Chinese Mitten Crab, 2018

The ‘Who's Eating the Chinese Mitten Crab’ project by the Brussels architecture and design collective Rotor is a diptych. At the Bruges Triennial, Rotor presents its research into the Chinese mitten crab (What’s Eating the Chinese Mitten Crab), while in their pop-up restaurant on the Zeebrugge beach, you can taste various dishes each month prepared with exotic invasive species, including the Chinese mitten crab.

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Beaufort 2018

I Traveled 1.8 Million Years To Be With You, 2018

At the centre of this work is a volcanic stone. The stone is suspended between two buoys, and it looks as if it were being held up by a net. These types of buoys are used to guide ships as they navigating toward their destination. You get the sense that the stone, after endless wanderings, has finally reached its destination.

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‘De man die de boot zag, in de lucht’ – Jean Bilquin

From the Beaufort permanent sculpture park

De man die de boot zag, in de lucht - Jean Bilquin

The man who saw the boat in the air
A canoe with human figures rests on 10-metre high trestles. The artist has reduced them to unidentifiable shadows. A bit further on, a classical figure looks on mysteriously. Jean Bilquin highly treasures this classical beauty, and it is present here in a very subtle form. His work is a powerful symbol of the journey of life with its highs and lows. A journey that no one can escape. After Beaufort 2006, the work was supposed to be destroyed, but the artist donated it to the Government of Flanders. If you peer at it from the dunes, you will get the impression that the work is floating on the sea. 

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Admiraal Keyesplein  in Zeebrugge

Admiraal Keyesplein

A square that is so charming that it seems right out of a film set. A fine example of the notion of a garden district, or a reminder of the quest for new architecture during the post-war reconstruction. Nostalgia in abundance!

Zeebrugge Seafront


Here you can discover the world of the sea, shipping and fishing. Be sure to visit the Russian submarine as well. This is in fact your last chance, for after more than 20 years, the museum will be saying goodbye to its showpiece at the end of this yea. Not to be missed!

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The Heritage walk will take you along to discover more lovely spots in the seaside resort and treat you to a number of architectural gems.

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