Artistic spots in Middelkerke - Westende

In Middelkerke-Westende, the beach and the sea play the central roles. In the wonderfully restored Westende, you can imbibe the atmosphere of the elegant holidays of yesteryear. Both resorts boast the artworks necessary for an injection of culture.

Wandelen met de stripfiguren aan zee in Middelkerke

Comic strip figures and walls

Fans of comic strips will want to spend a bit of time here. On the seafront, you will meet no fewer than 17 comic strip statues, from Lambik through the Rode Ridder to Fanny & Co (Kiekeboe). If you are up for more, then cycle over to the comic strip walls and marvel at the adventures of heroes such as Lucky Luke. In Middelkerke-Westende you never have to grow up.

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De Rotonde, Grand Hôtel Belle Vue in Westende


The lovely Grand Hotel Belle Vue, dubbed the ‘Rotonde’ by locals, is a protected monument immediately recognizable for its round shape. The hotel opened its doors in June 1911, and in 1999 the building was restored. Who can cycle the fastest around the Rotonde?

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Kusthistories in Middelkerke

Coastal histories

This listed former post office now houses Kusthistories, an interactive museum about the history of tourism on the coast. Old postcards, posters and giant bathing suits will catapult you effortlessly back to those glorious early years.

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Beaufort gems in Middelkerke - Westende


The Navigator Monument, 2018

An extraordinary sight, this Navigator, a statue set against the background of a fine coastal sky and an ever-changing North Sea. Dybbroe Møller cast the digital oar logo in bronze, an extremely durable material that has been in use for 5000 years.

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Kader Attia - Holy Land


Holy Land, 2006

This installation by Kader Attia is a temporary monument that offers a respectful burial to both refugees who drowned at sea and to colonial soldiers. It consists of a series of mirrors in the form of an Islamic tomb or a gothic window facing the sea. From perspective of the sea, the mirrors are beautiful and shiny, but from closer up you realize they only reflect reality..

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Caterpillar Wim Delvoye

From the Beaufort permanent Sculpture Park

Caterpillar 5bis

A stunning work in the coastal landscape. It is marked by a strange tension caused by the juxtaposition of two worlds that have nothing in common with each other, namely, the modern era, symbolized by the excavator, and the Middle Ages, evoked by the decorative patterns of a Gothic church.

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Middelkerke-Westende - Olnetop

From the Beaufort permanent Sculpture Park


This 8-metre high installation evokes splashing waves. The sculpture is inspired by a natural dynamic but at the same time is moved by the power of the virtual.

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Middelkerke hear

From the Beaufort permanent Sculpture Park

I Can Hear It

I Can Hear It consists of two horns (similar to those on old gramophones), pointed towards the sea. On a bench in front of the horns sits a woman with her ear to the horn, listening. You can sit next to her and listen to the second horn. 

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Les Zéphyrs

Les Zéphyrs

This listed villa, dating back to the interwar period, sweeps you along to another era. You can see with your own eyes how a prosperous bourgeois family around 1930 spent its summer holidays here. With enough domestic staff to truly be able to enjoy it.

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The Heritage walk will take you along to discover more lovely spots in the seaside resort and treat you to a number of architectural gems.

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