Artistic spots in De Panne

Enjoy a pleasant visit to the meandering Dumont district, and then on to try to break the speed record with a landsailer. All this is possible in De Panne. This mix of both prominent and hidden artistic spots will lend a touch of culture to it all.

Standbeeld van Pier Kloeffe in De Panne

Pier Kloeffe

Pier Kloeffe, or Petrus Decreton from De Panne, stares fixedly at the sea. A landmark with a nifty folktale. The fisherman in question apparently lost a fortune. Yet it takes less than that to make one stare out at the sea. Today, Pier Kloeffe is also the name of a delicious local beer that is just what it takes to quench your thirst.

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Leopold I-esplanade De Panne

King Leopold beach statue

The King Leopold I monument is a fine statue and a landmark in De Panne. The statue, designed by architect Victor Martiny, looks out on a wide passage and is a sort of access port to the sea. The work commemorates the first King of the Belgians, who arrived on Belgian soil on 17 July 1831, and was unveiled in 1958.

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De Dumontwijk in De Panne

Dumont district and the Albert Dumont Monument

The Dumont district is a lovely specimen of architecture with typical 19th-century cottages. A place where you can climb up and down and where you will inevitably get lost in admiration. While you are exploring, you will also run into the Albert Dumont Monument. He is the one who was behind the foundation of De Panne, and this elegant residential neighbourhood is his legacy.

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Beaufort gems in De Panne

de drie wijsneuzen van de Panne


The Drie Wijsneuzen of De Panne

A lovely artwork by Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys. This sculpture adorns the beach of De Panne. With only a pedestal for a body and their identical faces, the ‘three wise noses’ of De Panne can withstand wind and rain.

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Monument for Cervus Vitalis #2 (Malus Sylvestris), 2015

Yet another top work from Beaufort 2018, a life-sized bronze sculpture of a red deer. The fractures between the various body parts are clearly visible and certain parts of the deer have simply disappeared entirely. 

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Christophorus in De Panne

From the Beaufort permanent sculpture park


This sculpture from the first edition of Beaufort evokes the image of St Christopher or Christophorus, the patron saint of travellers. The work is five times life-size, with a torso that has been transformed into a seat. After a successful renovation, from June onward you can once again admire this sculpture in its full glory.

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De Panne - Boundaries of Infinity

From the Beaufort permanent sculpture park 

Boundaries of Infinity - Norbert Francis Attard

This souvenir of an earlier Beaufort is based on the Fibonacci numbers. Each element of the Fibonacci series is the sum of the two preceding elements, beginning with 0 and 1. The concrete water fountain symbolizes the infinity of nature and the grandeur of the sea.

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The Heritage walk will take you along to discover more lovely spots in the seaside resort and treat you to a number of architectural gems.
TTO Noordzee


Historische trams  
In this old depot belonging to De Lijn in De Panne, you can admire tram carriages of the previous century. They were saved from demolition and carefully restored to their former glory. Volunteers will be happy to guide you around and let you get on board an authentic vehicle from the ‘30s or ‘50s.

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Villa Doudou

Villa Doudou

This lovely cottage villa along the seafront immediately stands out thanks to its small size. Villa Doudou was designed in 1901 by Dumont. He managed, despite the narrow lot, to build both an entrance to the ‘bel-étage’, intended for the residents, and a service entrance leading to the cellar. The Villa is now a listed monument.

Nostalgic Media Museum

Jan Selschotter has been collecting old radios and gramophones since the age of 12, upon the wise advice of his grandfather. His passion led to the Nostalgic Media Museum. Besides his museum, he also filled the attic of his parents’ house to the rafters with valuable collectors’ items.

Nostalgisch Media Museum in De Panne

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