Artistic spots in Bredene

If you wish to stroll along the seafront, this is not the place for you. But if you wish to enjoy some peace, are fond of an unobstructed dune landscape, and want to watch from the dunes as the waves roll in, will find all that in Bredene.

Sint Rikierskerk in Bredene

Sint-Rikiers church

Though it can get very hectic in Bredene-Duinen in the summer, the old centre of Bredene village remains calm even on the busiest days. The church and the streets around it still exude the charm and calm of former times. Inside, discover a fine Baroque interior and a pulpit dating to 1717, while outside you can visit a number of hushed war graves.

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Visserskapel Bredene

Fishers' chapel

On the corner of the Kapelstraat and the Klemskerkestraat you can stop off for a while at the lovely pilgrimage site known as ‘Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Ter-Duinen’ (Our Lady of the Dunes). Here fisher families gather to pray for a safe journey and to pray for those lost at sea. The chapel is full of ex votos offered in thanks to the saints and of models yellowing newspaper articles that recall painful accidents. Next to the Fishers’ chapel are a grotto of the Virgin Mary and 16 tiny oratories. Every third Sunday of May, a pilgrimage takes place here.

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Meeting en Eventcentrum Staf Versluys

Staf Versluys Meeting and Event centre

In the auditorium of this large meeting and event centre you can regularly take in a film, a play or a dance performance.

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Beaufort germs in Bredene



Pattern of Activation (Mutants), 2018

For Pattern of Mutation, the artist Katja Novitskova researched changes in the ecology of the Belgian coast as a consequence of climate change and the installation of pipelines and windmills. 

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Earth Potential, 2017

The installation titled Earth Potential consists of three works and is exhibited next to the Staf Versluyscentrum. The work consists of internet photos of the earth, of a distant moon and of oversized, seemingly extra-terrestrial beings that in fact live on earth, such as the E. coli bacterium, the C. elegans roundworm and a gecko. 

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Can we go home now, Beaufort2018 in Bredene


Can we go home Now

A carrousel on a roundabout, the striking work in the streetscape of Bredene. The artist Van Simaey’s work is a dysfunctional traffic circle, an almost surrealistic installation.

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De Uitdaging, Bredene

De Uitdaging

Have a chat with a Bredene resident about De Uitdaging (‘The Challenge’), and he or she is guaranteed to be puzzled. For locals always refer to it as Blote Betsy (Naked Betsy). A monumental work by Irénée Duriez that steals the limelight on the Duinenplein.

Turkeyenhof in Bredene

Heemkundig Museum Turkeyenhof

This old farm tells the story of Bredene and its environs. From Gallo-Roman finds through old tools to an extensive collection of North Sea shells.

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The Heritage walk will take you along to discover more lovely spots in the seaside resort and treat you to a number of architectural gems.

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