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I’m a 33-year-old mother of five kids aged between 7 and 12, and I try every day to keep all the balls in the air. In addition to my roles as mother, wife, friend, colleague, homemaker, daughter and sister, I am first and foremost myself. With a good sense of humour and self-deprecation, I will give you a brief glimpse into the colourful and hectic life that I would not give up for all the money in the world. Enjoy :-)


Being tourists in your own country, that’s something we know a few things about :-) This time we visited Middelkerke, or more accurately, Westende. But the weekend took an unexpected turn. That is to say, we had not calculated that we would also be visiting the local emergency room. And thanks to Tobias, who accompanied us in order to take pictures, everything was carefully recorded on camera. A broken foot and a cast can definitely be considered an extra souvenir. 

Now, about Middelkerke. What I did not know is that it is the comic strip town par excellence. And that there are a good number of artworks to admire there as part of Beaufort 2018. So we rented bikes and enjoyed the sun and the freedom to discover a larger stretch of the area. With the handy bike intersections app, we succeeded in doing so without getting lost. But because a trampoline accident threw our plans askew, our tour ended up a bit shorter than planned. Though of course that did not prevent us from enjoying the waffles and pancakes on the seafront.

We slept at Kompas Camping in Westende, in Comfort Lodges at walking distance from the beach. An ideal location! Though it is true that we needed two lodges to house everyone comfortably. 


Below we provide our favourite addresses for Middelkerke and surroundings.

Mama Van Vijf Beaufort Navigator
Beaufort 2018

This year there are 2 Beaufort artworks in Middelkerke-Westende. You can see both on the Middelkerke beach. 

The Navigator Monument , Simon Dybbroe Møller

Holy Land, Kader Attia

Joli Sport bike rental

Located 500 metres from Kompas Camping, where we were staying. We paid 10 euros to rent a bike for 4 hours. More info is available here.

Bike ride through Middelkerke and Westende

The bike ride with view of the sea and through nature is 25 km long, and offers you the opportunity to discover the cultural highpoints of Middelkerke, such as De Rotonde, the works remaining in the Beaufort sculpture park, the cartoon characters and the lovely casino. At the same time, you never lose sight of the green belt around Middelkerke, with sections of the path running along the seafront, in the Warandeduinen (dune walk) and on Raversyde. The intersections are 81 – 60 – 80 – 52 – 77 – 75 – 16 – 59 – 19 – 2 – 12 – 81. Intersection 81 is the one closest to the campground/bike rental. 


Mama Van Vijf Kompas Camping Westende
Kompas Camping 

We stayed in 2 practical Comfort Lodges that were really equipped with every comfort. They were ideally situated, being walking distance from the beach. You are greeted with a little box of the local butter sweets known as ‘babelutten’. 

Beach bars

If you are lucky enough to have as fine weather as we did, then beach bars are certainly a very good idea. There are eight beach bars in Middelkerke and Westende. From the Easter holidays to mid-October, you can enjoy a cocktail with your feet literally in the sand. This site shows you where the beach bars are located.

Cartoon character statues

Along the length of the seafront in Middelkerke you will meet more than a dozen bronze cartoon characters such as Jommeke and Flip, Fanny & Co (Marcel Kiekeboe) and Lucky Luke. Middelkerke is the most famous comic strip town of Belgium! In addition to the statues, you can also admire some comic strip walls such as the one featuring Robbedoes and Kwabbernoot (address: De Calidris, Strandlaan 1, 8434 Westende), the Lucky Luke mural (address: Centrum De Branding, Populierlaan 35, 8430 Middelkerke) and the Nero & Co mural (address: Watervlietstraat, 8430 Middelkerke).


Mama Van Vijf I Can Hear It Westende
Past editions of Beaufort

Various artworks from past editions of Beaufort have remained at their original locations or were given a new home. These works can still be viewed by bike, on foot or with the tram. In Middelkerke-Westende you can see 3 different artworks: Caterpillar 5bis (2003), I can hear it (2012) and Olnetop (2012). On this site you can see all the permanent sculptures, organized by town. 

Brasserie Exotic

The children were welcomed with open arms here, and we enjoyed the traditional brasserie cuisine to the full. An ideal spot to end the day. Brasserie Exotic has been given the Q label.

Tearoom 't Bretoentje

The Tearoom 't Bretoentje is very centrally located on the seafront and has a charming terrace. We tucked heartily into the delicious pancakes and waffles on the terrace. And no one gave us dirty looks even though we were there with a whole bunch of kids.

Lettenhof children’s farm

The Lettenhof children’s farm is not just any farm, but a true 'artisanal farm’. Their 'mission' is to give show visitor something about life on an artisanal farm. In the smithy, you can experience the traditional way of the blacksmith’s craft and in the stables you can admire the lovely Belgian working horses and even go for a ride or romp around the outdoor playground. 

Find out more about Brasserie Exotic

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