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Always the latest seaside weather

It’s long been established that the Belgian seaside has its own unique micro climate and more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in the country. More than 100 years’ worth of data shows that the summers at the Coast are cooler, the winters warmer, that the sun shines for more hours and that it rains and snows less, though there’s more wind (there’s always a snag).

So if it’s miserable at home, just check the weather at the seaside! It’s bound to be sunnier!

Mild micro climate - Did you know ...

  • The seaside’s micro climate stretches from the coast to around 10 to 20 km inland.
  • It doesn’t only make the seaside sunnier, it also makes sure the place sees less rain, up to a 200 l every year!
  • And fewer clouds of course mean more sunshine, up to about 180 hours a year more than inland, in fact. 

If you’d like to check quickly what the weather’s like at the Coast, then have a look over one of the webcams.