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I really need my space is the name, travel is the game. Hi! My name is Leila, more suffering from wander lost than wander lust, in love with all things beautiful and slightly obsessed with spicy food. I was looking for a platform to share my photographs and travel tips with friends. And hey presto, my travel blog was born. Far be it from me to claim that I reinvented the wheel with my blog, all I want to do is share the things I like. From something new on my own street, playing tourist in my own country, to 24 hours on a plane to discover new places: whatever is going.   

Leila shares her tips and favourite spots in her 'ultimate Knokke-Heist travel guide':

Tell me, is there anyone who doesn’t like being near the sea? I, for one, am addicted, and head for Knokke-Heist any time I get a chance. One thing I can promise you: this great little coastal town has plenty to offer. Hence this Knokke travel guide, full of tips on where to eat, go for a drink, shop, sleep and things to do. Hurray!



Blogverhalen van de zee met Leila Alsulaiman bij Clouds of Fashion pop-up store in Knokke-Heist

Clouds of Fashion Pop-up store

The perfect pit stop during a shopping trip. Their avocado toast comes highly recommended and, be honest, would you pass up an opportunity to eat avocados with one eye on the trendiest garments?

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blogverhalen met Leila en ijsjes eten aan zee bij Glacier de la Poste in Knokke-Heist

Glacier de la Poste

Since you’re at the seaside, you wouldn’t expect anything less than coming across one ice-cream parlour after the other. But Glacier de la Poste tops them all. Their ice cream is really creamy and their range of flavours is amazing. Treat yourself to some extra cream. Go for it. You won’t regret it, I promise.

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Blogverhalen met Leila en lekker eten bij La Guera in Knokke-Heist

La Guera

It took a lot of soul-searching to include this restaurant in my guide as I absolutely love it and would much rather keep it to myself. But fair is fair: meet La Guera. Stunningly decorated, this restaurant serves food that is finger-lickingly good. Chef Glenn is a real magician when it comes to food. One of my favourite restaurants in Knokke by a mile!

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Blogverhalen met Leila en lekker eten aan de Kust bij Pain Quotidien in Knokke-Heist

Le Pain Quotidien

Quite famous in Belgium: Le Pain Quotidien. Simple, honest and healthy fair for all your breakfast, brunch and lunch cravings.

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Blogverhalen met Leila en lekker eten bij Bonjour in Knokke-Heist


A small, Pinterest-chic, hidden gem near Lippenslaan. The menu is short but their pancakes make for a wonderful Sunday afternoon treat. Trust me.

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The Pharmacy

Possibly one of the coolest venues in the stunning Knokke. This cocktail bar is run by a bad-ass family that has staked its reputation on flavour. Don’t expect your traditional cocktails here but be prepared to be surprised.

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Coctails proeven in The Pharmacy met blogger Leila in Knokke-Heist
Blogverhalen met Leila bij Siesta Beach strandbar in Knokke-Heist

Siesta Beach

Beach bars really are the ultimate. This one is the perfect venue for the party animals among us, thanks to the DJ who never fails to make sure that the atmosphere is just right.

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Blogverhalen met Leila van I Really need my space bij strandbar Collin's Beach in Knokke-Heist

Collins Beach

A cool beach bar, this Collins, where relaxation is what it’s all about!

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Blogverhalen van Leila van I Really need my Space bij strandbar Pura Vida in Knokke-Heist

Pura Vida

For the Costa Rica fans among you. The perfect spot to meet friends on a sunny day and great Latino tunes in the background. And the drinks? Formulations from The Pharmacy!

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Shoppen met blogster Leila van I Really need my Space bij L'Amuzette in Knokke-Heist


Stunning concept store downstairs and a museum with hundreds of snow globes and super strange dolls upstairs. Really lovely!

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Shop til you drop...

Oh yes: Knokke is a shoppers’ paradise! Forget those high-street stores and say hello to really beautiful boutiques and shops stocked with wonderful garments no one else has. There are umpteen shops in the wonderful Knokke, but the following six are my favourites:

Shoppen met Leila van I Really Need My Space bij Mer D'Ocre in Knokke-Heist

1. Mer d'Ocre

Saint-Tropez meets Ibiza. When I walked into this lovely shop which opened its door some 20 years ago I actually had to stop myself from shouting ‘I’LL HAVE THE LOT’. Though the flowy dresses take up most of the space in the shop, this is also the ideal place if you’re looking for boho-inspired shoes and sandals, hats and jewellery. The rings by Hypnochic are quite simply to die for.

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Shoppen met Leila van I Really Need My Space bij Lewis & Molly in de Kustlaan in Knokke-Heist

2. Lewis & Molly

A treat for the hipsters among us. From rainbow jumpers to (fake) furry loafers. But Lewis & Molly are especially known for their glitter dresses, jumpers and shirts. And rightfully so, because who doesn’t love a bit of glitter?

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Shoppen met Leila van I Really need my space bij YAYA in Knokke-Heist


I hadn’t even heard of YAYA, but I sure am delighted to have come across it. Everything in the shops looked great and felt good. Quality and very affordable to boot. 

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Shoppen met Leila van I Really need my space bij Clouds of Fashion in Knokke-Heist

4. Clouds of Fashion

Something special! A pop-up shop of the well-known Clouds of Fashion, with all the clothing you could wish for. But also foodies will be in their element here. Avocado toast, anyone?

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Shoppen met Leila van I Really need my space bij Sissy Boy in Knokke-Heist

5. Sissy-Boy

I adore Sissy-Boy. This concept store stocks all the Scandinavian-inspired clothing and furniture I like. The perfect place to treat yourself to something classy or find an original birthday present.

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Shoppen met Leila van I Really need my space bij Essentiel in Knokke-Heist

6. Essentiel

If you’re looking for something fancy, look no further because Essentiel has exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t expect to find the classics or boring stuff in this boutique. Bright neon colours, glitter, stunning fabrics and deadly graphics are the benchmark here.

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Naar het Zwin Natuur Park in KNokke-Heist met Leila van I really need my space

The Zwin Nature Park

The Zwin Nature Park is a unique combination of a well-known nature reserve and visitor centre. In actual fact, it’s home to many bird species. A heavenly spot for a walk on a Sunday morning.

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Also art lovers are well catered for in Knokke. Check out the many works of art on the promenade or seek out the Beaufort pieces.

Meer weten over Beaufort

Meer weten over kunst in Knokke-Heist en aan zee

Kunst met Beaufort2018 in Knokke-Heist bezoeken met blogster Leila van I Really Need My Space


Memlinc Palace

One of the best-known hotels in Knokke, on the popular Albertplein. The perfect location for a weekend at the seaside. Beautiful rooms, a large car park and helpful, friendly staff.

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Hotel Memlinc Palace in Knokke-Heist

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