5 tips for a break with a story

If you are looking for more than just a bed to sleep and if you’d like to know the story behind the place where you’re staying,

then you’ll definitely enjoy these places.


Hotel Bilderdijk in De Haan - For a poetic break

Hotel Bilderdijk lets its guests discover the man who gave his name to the hotel and the street where it’s located: poet Willem Bilderdijk. Throughout the hotel and garden, there are lots of fitting references, quotes and sayings by him and his contemporaries to discover.

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Hotel José in Blankenberge - Invite the sea into your room

This hotel lets you experience that beach feeling inside your room as well, as a refreshing sea breeze blows through the hotel. From beach to hotel and back again, guests just live the seaside holiday atmosphere!

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Hotel Rubens in de Haan - Experience the coast in every season

In this hotel, you’ll experience the Belgian coast in every season, as big photos of the sea in all its colourful facets will be the red thread that runs throughout your stay. And your seaside experience will be truly complete once you’re enjoying a drink at dusk at the hotel’s beach hut, with your feet tucked in the warm sand.

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Hotel Van Bunnen in Knokke-Heist - For an arty break

The subtle and arty play on words on the façade sets the tone for a one-of-a-kind look on modern art. Wake up in art!

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Hotel Apostrophe in De Haan - For a literary break

Lots of authors, painters and other creative souls found their muse at the Belgian Coast, and more particularly in De Haan. To highlight this, the name of this hotel refers to language, so it’s no surprise that inside you’ll find lots of quotes by famous people who once stayed in De Haan.

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