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48 hours at the Belgian Coast

48 hours with the kids

All children love going to the seaside. And it's not just the beach and sea which attracts them! There is so much to discover and enjoy. Below we give a whole series of ideas to help you enjoy 48 hours on the Coast.

Day 1

Koksijde-Oostduinkerke Navigo

10:00 - Navigo Museum

The Navigo National Fishing Museum takes you to the world of coastal fishing.


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48uur Kust - amfibieboot

12:00 - Amphibian Boat

With the Amphibian Boat in De Panne, Koksijde, and Blankenberge, one minute you're in motion on the beach and then, all of a sudden, you're sailing on the North Sea.


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48uur Kust - kinderboerderij

13:00 - Children's farms

If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the coast, you can recharge your batteries on one of the many children's farms.


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48uur Kust - Plopsaland

14:00 - Plopsaland

Tired of sand and shells? What about a day in Plopsaland? You can bet your children will be more daring than you are!


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De Haan Sunparks

14:00 - Sunparks

If the weather disrupts your plans or you feel like a swim, at Sunparks Oostduinkerke and De Haan you can enjoy the indoor play village and that turbulent Aquafun with all the family.


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48 uur Kust - zandkasteel

17:00 - Beach Fun

Build a sandcastle or sell paper flowers. Do you have a fishing net? If so, why not go prawn fishing in the wave breakers? Beach Fun in abundance.


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Day 2

Zeebrugge Seafront

10:00 - Seafront

Visit the Sea Front and discover the mysteries of the sea.


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Blankenberge Lustige Velodroom

11:00 - Velodrome Blankenberge

Take a chance with a ride on the merry Velodrome in Blankenberge. People have been cycling here on 70 comical bikes since 1933. Can you stay on your bike?


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De Haan Potinière

12:00 - La Potinière

La Potinière is the green lung of the Concession Estate in De Haan.


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48uur Kust - billenkar

13:00 - Go-cart

No visit to the sea is complete without hiring a Go-Cart or Pedal Car. They come in all sizes and shapes in all coastal towns.


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48uur Kust - Havenrondvaart

15:00 - Port Boat Ride

Embark for a Port Boat Ride, exciting, adventurous, and something to share with your offspring.


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De Haan Reigershof

16:30 - Reigershof Klemskerke

At Reigershof in Klemskerke (De Haan-Wenduine) you can find out all there is to know about goat's cheese.


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Knokke Lakeside Paradise

18:00 - Lakeside Paradise

Lakeside Paradise has to be just about the coolest spot on the coast for kids. You can windsurf, sail, or kayak and the waterskiiing wake board route has you flying over the water.


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Other attractions

  • Mini-Golf: You will find putting greens everywhere on the Coast.
  • Comic book heroes: You will meet your favourite comic strip heroes everywhere along the Belgian Coast.
  • Beach Clubs: The beach clubs are the ideal place to have a break and enjoy a snack or drink on the terrace. Or you might prefer to explore the beach and waves at once.
  • Relaxation: Citygame Rosalie in De Panne allows you to discover the attractive and low-traffic Dumont estate. An i-Pad shows children from 8 to 14 the ropes.
  • Handy tip: Download your free Coast Pass on and take advantage of scores of discounts and benefits with various attractions on the Coast.
  • The Animal World: From the friendly seals to the aquarium with seafish, Sealife in Blankenberge shows the multicoloured world of the creatures who live in or on the sea.
  • Castles: Always lots of fun – build a sandcastle on the beach at low tide. To dream away: a visit to the sand sculpture festival in Blankenberge.
  • Say it with flowers: A classic: Children still make paper flowers on the beaches in the summer. You can buy them for a handful of shells.
  • Ice Creams: Savouring an ice cream whilst sitting on a bench with a view of the sea. Everywhere on the Coast children enjoy delicious moments like these with a refreshing summer ice cream.
  • Water Sports: Obviously, the sea itself is still the top attraction. Then there are the subtropical swimming paradise pools in Sunparks.

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