48 hours at the Belgian Coast

48 hours discovering

The Coast numbers a whole series of places which you must have seen. Places which certainly charm you and remain in the memory and allow you to enjoy the Coast to the full. And so, give yourself 48 hours of amazement at these coastal gems.

Day 1

8:00 - Fisherman's Chapel

In Bredene you really must step inside the Fisherman's Chapel. In 1717, this was still a little wooden chapel, but since then it has become a monumental place of pilgrimage for fishermen.


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9:00 - The Concession

Walk through the picturesque and attractive town centre of De Haan, cross through the Concession, and parade along the Tram Station.


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11:00 - Pier in Blankenberge

In Blankenberge the Pier awaits you - the place to savour the bristling wind above that choppy sea. Here you can go 350 metres out to sea without getting your feet wet.


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13:00 - Old Fishing Port - 't Werftje

't Werftje and the old fishing port in Zeebrugge are definitely worth a stop. Youmust have seen this old little tavern near the port.


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14:00 - Seaport of Bruges

The impressive Sea Port of Bruges (Zeebrugge) is also a rough diamond on the sea, and therefore duly picturesque. Navigate between container ships, ferries, and trawlers.


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17:00 - Knokke-Heist Casino

Knokke-Heist Casino is much more than a casino. For example, it houses the world's biggest chandelier. Add the paintings of Delvaux, Keith Haring, and Margritte and your joy is complete.


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Day 2

10:00 - Fort Napoleon

Fort Napoleon is a huge rampart. This restored dune fort on the Oosteroever was built during the rule of Napoleon and can boast two hundred years of history.


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11:00 - Mercator

The Mercator was once a training ship and now serves as a museum.


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12:00 - Amandine

Amandine - what a splendid ship! On 3 April 1995, Amandine, the Iceland trawler, sailed into Ostend port for the last time. The ship has been transformed into a museum.

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14:00 - 'Villa Les Zéphyrs'

Villa Les Zéphyrs is a real Coast history museum and is part of the ‘Coast history’ project.



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15:00 - 'The wind blows where it will'

The magnificent work of art 'The wind blows where it will' ('Le vent souffle où il veut') with the colourful flags of Daniel Buren is a wonderful souvenir of the triennial of contemporary art Beaufort.


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17:30 - Esplanade 'Leopold I'

The Leopold I Monument on the Esplanade in De Panne is a magnificent landmark which you must see at some point.


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19:00 - Dumont Estate

Take some time to explore the picturesque Dumont Estate in De Panne, a sample of architecture not to be missed.


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