48 hours at the Belgian Coast

48 hours action

A hearty walk or parading with a view of the sea? Whatever you choose, the Coast really is a walker's paradise. Cyclists, too, can come into their own here. Don't forget to go onto the beach or into the sea to discover how intensely you can enjoy those elements.

Day 1

10:00 - Coastal walk

The Coastal walk takes you from De Panne to Knokke-Heist (or vice-versa). The junctions show you the way along the beach, dunes, mud patches, and marshes and through the attractive seaside resorts.

12:00 - Sailing on wheels

Feel like sailing on wheels? Hurry along to De Panne beach where you can hire a land yacht. Thrilling!

13:00 - Pedal bikes

Pedal bikes at the Coast give you legwork and sheer fun. Whether you're peddling alone, as a couple, or with the whole family, you'll have lots of fun.

14:00 - Beachclubs

Advanced surfer or kite flier or more of a beginner? You're always welcome in the beach clubs. You can discover one of the many water and beach sports, relax on the warm beach, or refine your technique.

17:00 - Horse riding

Horse riding along the Coast is something you might have done at some point. Moreover, with over 70km of bridle paths, especially on the West Coast, all riders will find something to their taste.

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19:00 - Go out to sea

Go out to sea! Every day, there are boat trips which depart from the various ports. Fishing? You can do that, too! Learning to sail? That, too!

Day 2

10:00 - Sea dog for a whole day

Embark early on the Marcella ship or the prawn trawler Cragnon to be a sea dog for a whole day as fully fledged fishermen.

11:00 - Lakeside Paradise Knokke

Do you want to go faster? If so, Lakeside Paradise in Knokke is for you. Here, the waterskiing and wakeboard tracks allow you to skim over the water.

12:00 - Heritage and town/city walks

An exciting stroll through history? With the heritage and town/city walks on the Coast, you can discover the cultural history.

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13:00 - Kilometres of cycling pleasure

600 kilometres of cycling pleasure. The Coastal Cycling Network guarantees that.

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15:00 - Walking Networks

A walk along the Coast is good for body and mind all year round. The two Walking Networks on the Coast provide kilometres of endless enjoyable walks.

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16:30 - Roller blades

On the Coast you can also enjoy your roller blades to the full. Ostend has an extensive roller blade route, and here and there you will also see roller blading tracks where you can whizz along.

Other attractions

  • Hitting a golf ball and strolling from hole to hole with a stiff sea breeze in your back. You can play golf on the Coast in five different places: De Haan - Wenduine, Knokke-Heist, Oostende, Middelkerke - Westende, and Koksijde - Oostduinkerke.
  • Go out with a local. The Belgian Coast Greeters will take you around the most attractive and surprising places in their coastal town. This is the ideal way to learn some useful tips and unique stories. You can book a Belgian Coast Greeter free (maximum six people) via www.belgiancoastgreeters.com.
  • Strolling along the promenade is a placid way of taking some exercise. You can walk along the promenande and explore the Coast in a relaxed manner. And before you know it, you've walked 10 kilometres, and then it's time to sit down at a terrace for a drink!

More action at the Belgian Coast?

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