Top restaurants

Heerlijk tafelen aan zee

Gastronomy is highly valued along our coast. Here, you will find no less than eight Michelin starred restaurants:


Hostellerie Le Fox**

A passionate chef combines creativity with a contemporary approach and serves daily fresh seafood banquets, dune asparagus and other delicacies from the polder region. 

Walckierstraat 2  
8660 De Panne  
+32 (0)58/41 28 55


Bart’s favourite dishes are prepared using fresh seafood from the North Sea that goes well beyond the traditional sole and turbot. His dishes using lesser known seafood are equally delicious. Check out the menu on their website.

Zeedijk 267
8301 Heist aan Zee
+32 (0)50/51 75 76

Ten Bogaerde*

Wine and dine in the official residence of ‘Ten Bogaerde’ – an old abbey farm, where guests are presented with a contemporary version of French cuisine alongside dishes using wild fish from the northern seas. Shrimp croquettes are one of the specialities.

Ten Bogaerdelaan 10
8670 Koksijde-Oostduinkerke
+32 (0)58/62 00 00

Philippe Nuyens*

Dishes are served in a pure and rather traditional form with a hint of exoticism here and there. Specialities include the chef’s seafood dishes as well as Simmenthal beef and sweetbread.

J. De Troozlaan 78
8370 Blankenberge
+32(0)50/41 36 32

Cuiness 33*

Cosmopolitan, Contemporary and Conceptual. Enjoy an honest and delicious kitchen.

Smedenstraat 33
8300 Knokke-Heist
+32(0)50/60 60 69


Cosy, delicious, amical, fun... It's the Italian influence of the chef.

Dumortierlaan 64
8300 Knokke Heist.
+32 (0)50/60 96 61

Sel Gris*

Frederick Deceuninck is passionate about his work and turned Sel Gris into a flourishing business. His fine, elaborate dishes are created using the latest techniques.

Zeedijk 3124
8301 Duinbergen
+32(0)50/51 49 37


Zwaluwenlaan 12
8300 Knokke
+32(0)50/51 49 37  


Our coast is rated highly in the GaultMillau restaurant guide as well. Gault Millau rated restaurants can be found all coastal towns.