Local and regional products

Our coast is renowned for its gastronomy and for its regional products:

Flemish grey shrimp
Also known under the regional products label ‘Purus’. All Flemish shrimp under this label are caught in the North Sea using environmentally sound fishing methods and are known for their quality, freshness and great taste with no additives.

Belgica mussels
The clear waters of the North Sea give these mussels their unique flavour. They are fleshy and their shells are lighter. These Belgian mussels are farmed in special cages along the coast near Nieuwpoort.

Ostend Oysters
The oyster ponds of Spuikom in Ostend were reopened in 1996. Buy these flavoursome oysters locally or at fishmongers’ and restaurants.

West-Flemish polder beef
The ultimate terroir product.

Local beers brewed in the Bruges Ommeland region or in the Westhoek region are the traditional beers of our coast. Some examples are Keyte, Roste Jeanne brewed in Nieuwpoort, Pier Kloeffe, and Wulps Blondje.

Be tempted by our gastronomic heritage and our local dishes. Authentic products originating from the coastal regions and prepared according to traditional methods can be found everywhere.
Farm shops
100% regional farm products from West Flanders