10 X Active holiday fun

Active holiday fun on the coast

Stay active while visiting the coast! In and around the water, on a bike, on horseback, or on a pedal go-cart: there is a range of options available, all equally inviting. Plus a good dose of fresh air and sea breezes. Below, you will find 10 tips to stay active while holidaying on the coast.

Shake those buns
Simple happiness provided by pedal go-carts. Whether you decide to push the pedals on your own, in pairs, or with the entire family, it’s guaranteed fun for everyone. Sweat will pour as you struggle up the hills, but oh what joy coming down the other side! Add one last ride along the embankment before concluding this fun experience for young and old.

Take a peek at the hinterland
From Bruges – a city listed on the World Heritage List – through the impressive Westhoek region to wonderful, tiny hamlets such as Mannekensvere, Lissewege or Booitshoeke. A whole new world lies waiting only a few kilometres inland. Broaden your horizons, turn your back towards the sea for a short while and discover the hinterland!  
www.brugseommeland.be, www.toerismewesthoek.be

On the go
Whether you go west or east along the coast, there is plenty of walking to do. The cross-border network of walking routes along the westcoast, called ‘Wandelnetwerk Westkust’, offers 130 kilometres of hiking fun, 104 hiking trail junctions, and approximately 40 noteworthy places of interest. The equally interesting cross-border ‘Wandelnetwerk Zwin’ was developed only recently and offers 36 kilometres of walking and hiking trails in nature with 24 hiking trail junctions.

Biking trail junctions
600 kilometres of biking fun guaranteed by coastal biking network ‘Fietsnetwerk Kust’. In addition, all biking trails are interlinked via numerous junctions, allowing you to plan your own custom bike route. This is the ideal way to actively discover the coast and the hinterland. Recently added: bike maps offered in bundles, covering all biking trails per coastal town.  

Galloping along the beach
Is there anything more romantic that galloping along the beach at dusk? Follow the latest Duinbossen horse riding trail to discover the wooded dunes and unspoilt beaches of the dunes area between Wenduine and Vosseslag. This wonderful 14-kilometre trail to remember starts at the Zwarte Kiezel in De Haan.

More hiking fun!
The coast also offers numerous signposted hiking trails (loops) and ten heritage trails. These heritage trails take you along a number of unique heritage listed places that are packed with history.

More biking trails!
In addition to the biking trail networks with junctions, there are nine signposted biking trails (loops) along the coast. Another ‘must do’ is the coastal biking trail (‘Kustfietsroute’), which connects the towns of De Panne and Knokke-Heist. More than 86 kilometres of biking fun along some of the most beautiful locations along our coast. Get pedalling!

Free wellness
Clean, fresh air from the sea, with iodine, clear and inspiring light and unpolluted water. This is what you get for free when you stroll along the tideline. Breathe in microparticles of sea water that contain all the elements required to maintain a balanced metabolism. Free of charge and available to all!

Twice as much water fun
Sailing, kiting, surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, rafting, stand up paddle boarding, or playing a simple game of beach volley. Nothing compares to a battle against the elements and testing your boundaries. Visit any of the beach clubs to join and learn these sports and get together with likeminded people. Life can be beautiful!  

Hire a bike!
Don’t feel like bringing your own bicycle but still want to ride along the coast? Hire a bike at any of the numerous bike hire places on our coast. Choose from a selection of standard bikes, hip cruiser bikes, or electric bikes.